Newt Gingrich – The Smartest Man In the Universe

I first heard the name Newt Gingrich in the late 1980’s.  I was working full time then and much of my reading after work involved historical fiction.  I really did not know who Newt Gingrich was.  I just assumed that he was another congressional blowhard from Washington, D.C.

Some years later, I began to read Gingrich’s historical fiction.  I read: 1) Gettysburg ( published in 2003), 2) To Try Men’s Souls (2009), 3) Grant Comes East (2004- This is truly outstanding historical fiction and is extremely well written), 4) Pearl Harbor (2007), 5) Valley Forge (2010), 6) Days of Infamy (2008), and 7) Battle of the Crater (2011).

After reading Newt’s historical novels, I use to say: ” I may not agree with Gingrich politically, but he is a great author and his works of historical fiction are outstanding. ”

While roaming through our county library recently, I encountered a non fiction book by Gingrich titled: ” BREAKOUT. ” The Dewey decimal number is 303.4973.  It was published in 2013.  After recently reading this book, I told my wife: ” If they gave a Nobel Prize for common sense, then Gingrich would win it with this book. ”

BREAKOUT explains very clearly how our U.S. Government operates and how we can make our government operate more efficiently.  Newt explains how positive changes in healthcare, energy, transportation, outer space, government, and many other aspects can change the lives of Americans for the better.

Now I say: ” Newt Gingrich is a great author of historical fiction.  However, his non fiction book titled  ” Breakout” is a work of absolute genius.  I strongly recommend that you read all of his books. ”

Newt, I wish I had seen your brilliance in 2012, when you ran for president.  I would have campaigned for you and sent you a check.  Sadly that dimwit Mitt Romney somehow managed to obtain the republican nomination and lead the republican party to ignominious defeat.  I take great comfort in knowing that if Donald Trump is elected president, you will surely become the U.S. Secretary of State.  You would make a great one.

R. Van Conoley

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