The Clinton Klan: An Incestuous Crime Family

Many Americans view the Clinton Foundation as an ongoing criminal enterprise featuring Bill and Hillary Clinton.  While it is true that former President Bill Clinton collected a staggering $ 221,139,516.00 in speaking fees, the questionable ethics are not just restricted to Bill and Hillary.

The Clinton Crime Family extends far beyond Bill and Hillary.  Hillary Rodham Clinton has two brothers, Hugh Rodham and Tony Rodham.  Roger Clinton is Bill Clinton’s brother.

Hillary Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham, was implicated in a federal investigation after he attempted to obtain two visas for two Chinese Nationals.  Tony tried to help the two Chinese Nationals after their legal applications were rejected by the U.S. Government.  Few in the media took notice that Tony’s actions represented a huge conflict of interest since his sister, Hillary, was U.S. Secretary of State.

Tony Rodham was never deterred if there was money to be made.  Clinton Family best friend and governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe brought Tony Rodham into a company that he had set up.  The fact that Tony’s sister was the U.S. Secretary of State was a big plus.  So while Tony was attempting to obtain visas for two Chinese Nationals rejected by the U.S. Government, he was lobbying both the White House and the State Department in behalf of a foreign company that was connected to the two Chinese Nationals.

Tony Rodham had no experience when he teamed up with McAuliffe and was a ‘dead beat dad’ sued for over $ 100,000.00 in back child support.  Indeed Tony Rodham has spent most of his adult life by attempting to obtain money from his family connections.

Tony Rodham later teamed up with Bill Clinton’s brother, Roger Clinton.  Bill Clinton was appointed as U.N. Special Envoy to Haiti after the tragic earthquake in Haiti.  Both Tony and Roger were quick to see opportunities in Haiti.  Tony was given a seat on the board of a company that received the first permit to mine for gold in Haiti.

The ” New York Times ” deserves credit for reporting that Tony tried to obtain approval from the Clinton Foundation Haiti Fund for a $$ 22 Million project in Haiti in which he expected to make a $ 1 Million profit.  Meanwhile, Roger Clinton was able to obtain a $ 100,000.00 consulting contract.  Nice work if you can get it.

The following may be hard to believe, but while Bill Clinton was President, Roger Clinton collected over $ 700,000.00 in CASH, money orders, and Travelers Checks issued in foreign countries ! Even harder to believe is that Roger told the FBI that he ” received money for President Clinton from foreign governments ! ”

Hillary’s other brother, Hugh Rodham, was paid $ 204,000.00 to help obtain a pardon for a convicted drug dealer.  The government opposed the action, but President Clinton granted a commutation of the drug dealer’s remaining sentence.

Not only did Bill and Hillary Clinton sell influence around the world through the Clinton Foundation, other members of the Clinton Klan profited from this incestuous relationship !

The actions of Hillary Clinton are a million times more nefarious than the Watergate crimes that led to President Nixon’s resignation.  Ms. Clinton must resign her nomination and allow the democratic party to select another presidential candidate.

R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s Note: After President Jimmy Carter left office, he spent time building houses for poor Americans in need of housing.  After Vice President Spiro Agnew was allowed to plead ” no contest,” and left office, he wrote a novel. )


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