Why I Like Donald Trump – Part 1

The probability that I will vote for Donald Trump is about 99%. If I do vote for Donald Trump for President, it will be the first time in 44 years that I have voted for a major party candidate for president.  The last time that I voted for a major party candidate was 1972 ! Also, I vote in all city, county, state, and federal elections and never miss voting.  After 1972, I have always found a responsible third party candidate for president that I voted for because I believed that the candidate was more responsible, honest, truthful, intelligent, or better for our country than the two main party candidates.

There are a number of traits that Donald Trump possesses that I admire.  I greatly admire Donald Trump’s manner of speaking clearly and honestly.  Trump never tries to “talk out of both sides of his mouth” like so many past democrat crooks and republican crooks.  Also, Mr. Trump does not speak in banal generalizations like many of the corrupt politicians in the past.

I view Donald Trump as an amalgamation of: 1) General George Patton, 2) President Harry Truman, 3) Ross Perot, and 4) President Thomas Jefferson.

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: I hope you stay connected for part2, part 3, etc. Also, one of my closest friends is a solid supporter of Hillary Clinton and he and I remain friends and we never argue about presidential politics.  Contrasting viewpoints are always welcome at this website. )

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