Why I Like Donald Trump – Part 2

Kim Jong-un is the ” Supreme Leader ” of North Korea.  Kim has developed nuclear weapons and frequently threatens other countries including the United States.

I greatly admire Donald Trump because he had the courage and the common sense to talk about this issue during the republican primary debates.  I noticed that there was not another person on the republican debate stage that would make any comment on this issue !

The United States fought a ” Police Action ” in Korea from June 25, 1950 until July 27, 1953.  The U.S. suffered a loss of 33,652 lives in the Korean War.  Today Korea is divided into two parts: 1) Communist North Korea, and 2) South Korea.  South Korea is an ally of the United States.  North Korea is an enemy of the United States.

More than 63 years after the Korean War ended, the U.S. still has military forces stationed in South Korea.  Kim Jong-un, leader in North Korea, continues to brutalize his own People, jail people without cause, and frequently murders people who disagree with him.

Mr. Trump stated that if elected president that he would consider working with China in regards to the serious situation in North Korea.  Also, Mr. Trump stated that he thought that South Korea might be forced to develop a nuclear weapon in order to protect itself from North Korean attack.  I believe that Mr. Trump was extremely wise because he did not state an absolute course of action that he would take, but courageously addressed an extremely important issue.    However, Mr. Trump made it clear that the U.S. would not tolerate North Korea’s irresponsible actions if he were president.

On a scale from 0 to 100, with 0 being the lowest score and 100 being the highest score, I would rate Mr. Trump’s statements a solid 100 as they relate to North Korea.  Also, I agree with Mr. Trump that the U.S. can not continue to pretend that it is the world’s policeman.  America can not continue to maintain military forces all around the world while ignoring the infrastructure of the U.S.  Also, with a National Debt surpassing $ 19 Trillion, the U.S. can not afford to indulge in reckless spending everywhere.  While America must maintain a powerful military force, we must control our military industrial complex and not allow it to bankrupt the U.S.  Again I would rate all of Mr. Trump’s statements about Korea a solid 100.

R. Van Conoley  ( Whenever a presidential candidate makes any sort of definitive statement, the opposition party may try to misrepresent the statement.  Also, the 2016 presidential election, in my view, has been handled unfairly by a large portion of the print and the electronic media.  A large portion of the media has neglected its’ moral obligation to fairly and justly report the news. )


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