Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton: Can Americans Handle The Truth ?

The truth can be very difficult to ascertain and it can be even more difficult to accept.  The main reason that this website has such a large and dedicated readership is because this website is dedicated to finding and explaining truthful information.  The author never allows his views to tempt him to present false information.

It is 100% truthful to state that the U.S. National Debt is presently 19.5 Trillion dollars as of this date.  It is also 100% accurate information to state that the U.S. National Debt is a serious problem that could become even more serious.  It is also 100% truthful to state most politicians use manipulative verbal tactics to confuse and mislead Americans about this serious problem.

Allow me to explain a very basic concept that causes much confusion.  Each year our federal government is required to produce a yearly budget.  This budget is passed by congress and sent to the president.  The president can either sign the bill and it becomes law or the president can veto the bill and return it to congress.

The yearly federal budget sent by congress to the president can be either: 1) a budget with a surplus of cash, or 2) a budget with a shortage of cash called a budget deficit.  Only the federal government can produce yearly budget deficits.  States, counties, and cities are legally prohibited from producing budgets that are deficit budgets.

A yearly federal budget will be a surplus budget when the cash collected by the U.S. government ( mainly from taxes ) exceeds the cash spent called expenditures.  Conversely, a yearly budget will be a deficit budget when the cash collected is less than the expenditures.

Lets take a look at the last five presidents of the U.S. In order, they are: 1) Ronald Reagan ( two terms for 8 yrs), 2) followed by George H.W. Bush ( one term for 4 yrs), 3) followed by Bill Clinton ( two terms for 8 yrs), 4) followed by George W. Bush ( two terms for 8 yrs), 5) followed by Barack Obama ( 2 terms for 8 yrs).

Now lets relist these presidents by how much they increased or reduced our National Debt.  Sadly, all five of these presidents pledged to reduce our National Debt and all five increased our National Debt.  They are listed from the smallest increase in debt to the largest increase in debt. Bill Clinton increased the National Debt by 1 Trillion 396 Billion dollars over his 8 year term.  George H.W. Bush increased the National Debt by 1 Trillion 554 Billion dollars over his four year term.  Ronald Reagan, who campaigned on reducing the National Debt, increased the National Debt by 1 Trillion 860 Billion dollars during his eight years as president.  George W. Bush increased the U.S. National Debt by a staggering 5 Trillion 894 Billion during his eight year term.  Barack Obama, with most of his eight year term near an end, has increased the National Debt by a stunning 6 Trillion 494 Billion dollars.

There are two extremely important questions that need to be answered. They are: 1) Why does congress continue to create such huge budget deficits? and 2) How can the U.S. reduce our National Debt? The second question is easy to answer but very difficult to achieve.  The U.S. National Debt can eventually be reduced to zero, or reduced to much safer levels, if congress only creates surplus yearly budgets.  Enough surplus budgets over a long time would reduce our National Debt to zero.

The question of why congress creates so many and so large yearly budget deficits is an opinion answer.  Fortunately about 95% of economists agree with my answer, but they answer it in such academic language that it is difficult to understand.  My answer is direct and I believe brutally truthful ! Congress has 535 members.  Being generous, lets agree that five members are honest and want to work for the American People.  That leaves a number of democrat crooks and republican crooks that total 530.  These congressional crooks know that it is always popular to decrease taxes.  These congressional crooks also know that it is unpopular to increase taxes.  So our congressional crooks are glad to lower taxes even when it is not justified.  But our congressional crooks main priority is getting reelected to congress.  These same congressional crooks know that they must increase expenditures to ” pay back ” their special interest friends who funded their campaigns.

Hence, a corrupt congress will pass yearly budget deficits most of the time.  Congress, could be responsible and decrease unneeded and unnecessary expenditures, but they would lose their ” special interest friends. ”

What America needs is a great president who can work with congress to produce yearly budget surpluses year after year.  I like Donald Trump and think that he has many good ideas.  However, I will not vote for Donald Trump unless Donald Trump takes the following oath to the American People.  ” I, Donald Trump, if elected president do swear to the American Citizens that I will never sign a yearly budget bill that is a yearly budget deficit.  I will veto every budget bill that is a yearly budget deficit and I will then work with congress to reduce unneeded expenditures so that all budgets under my administration will be budget surpluses.”

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note:  Barack Obama stated that he would reduce our National Debt by 50%.  The “lamestream” media never mentions this.  Additionally, the projection is that when Obama leaves office in January/2017, he will have increased the National Debt by a total of 6 Trillion 695 Billion dollars.  Both George W. Bush (43) and Barack Obama are equally responsible for gross financial mismanagement and reprehensible increases in the U.S. National Debt. )

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