Trump-Clinton Debate One * Observations

Rule 1-  For Hillary Clinton- Never interrupt Donald Trump when it is his turn to speak.  Ms. Clinton followed this rule and is awarded a grade of A.  It gave Ms. Clinton needed credibility.

Rule 1- For Donald Trump- Never interrupt Hillary Clinton when it is her term to speak.  Mr. Trump frequently violated this rule and is awarded a D.

Rule 2- Both candidates must follow the allotted time limits that are set by the moderator.  Ms. Clinton is awarded a grade of B+.  Mr. Trump is awarded a grade of C- . Do not talk past your time limit.

Rule 3 – Do not allow your opponent to set your agenda and place you on the defensive.  Hillary Clinton awarded a grade of A.  Mr. Trump awarded a grade of D .

Rule 4- Be prepared to answer a question that would take any normal person at least 15 minutes to answer in just 2 minutes.  Hillary Clinton grade of B . Donald Trump grade of C.

Rule 5- Debate preparation is extremely important and it shows.  Hillary Clinton awarded a grade of  A+.  Donald Trump awarded a grade of  D- .

Rule 6- The world is not a fair place.  Politics is extremely unfair.  The moderator asking the questions be may biased.  However, the moderator should never interrupt the candidate during the candidate’s allotted time.  If the moderator believes that a candidate did not answer the substance of a question, he may state this AFTER the candidate has answered and offer the candidate some additional time by repeating the question ( but only once ).

Rule 7- The public is much smarter than some believe and they can see through deception.

OTHER OBSERVATIONS: Lester Holt is either biased or extremely simple minded or maybe both.  One flagrant example of this is when Holt asked Mr. Trump a question about the economy and embedded in his question an editorial statement that the economy is doing very well.  Now if Holt is a weekly card player with George Soros, Warren Buffett, and Mike Bloomberg, Holt may foolishly have reason to believe that the economy is doing very well.  It was Trump’s responsibility to immediately challenge and explain that the U.S. economy is serving the top one-tenth of one percent of rich Americans very well.  However, many working and middle income Americans remain in a world of severe economic pain that Trump has pledged to alleviate.  Trump did not respond quickly enough with a good answer that he has covered many times before eloquently.  I award Holt a grade of C for his management of the debate.  I award Holt a grade of D for his ability to ask informative questions.  I award Holt a grade of D for fairness.

HOW TRUMP CAN WIN IN NOVEMBER- Trump clearly has a platform that is vastly superior to Ms. Clinton’s platform on taxes and on preventing terrorist attacks on America. Trump is also “light years” smarter than Hillary Clinton on international finance and economics.  Also, Trump has very sensible plans to restructure and modernize the incompetent U.S. Government.  Trump must stay on message on these major issues.  Additionally, Trump has an insurmountable lead over Ms. Clinton with registered Republican voters, independent voters, and most working-middle income voters.  Trump must continue to gain votes from both women and Black Americans as he has been doing.  Trump’s very wise statements that he would protect all Americans and all children of all ethnic classes gained him votes from women and minorities.

HOW CLINTON CAN WIN IN NOVEMBER- Ms. Clinton can win the election by employing only one method.  Ms. Clinton can win if she is able to drag Mr. Trump into the Cesspool of sleaze that has characterized  Clinton Campaigns for decades.  Ms. Clinton continually uses attack ads in a never ending attempt to keep Mr. Trump from gaining votes with women and American minorities.  If Mr. Trump steps into the political cesspool that Hillary Clinton learned so well from Saul Alinsky, then she can defeat Mr. Trump.  Ms. Clinton’s attack ads often display Donald Trump speaking.  You can often understand what your enemy fears most by understanding how your enemy tries to intimidate you.  Therefore, Mr. Trump may wish to run some ads where Ms. Clinton was attacking candidate Barack Obama in 2008.  An ad with a screaming Hillary Clinton saying: ” Shame on you Barack Obama,” may assist Trump in countering Ms. Clinton’s campaign of sleaze.

R. Van Conoley

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