Clint Johnson and The DeBary City Council

As a DeBary resident and a former member of the DeBary City Council, I am appalled by the numerous problems relating to Clint Johnson and the DeBary City Council and to our city government during the past two years.  I have sedulously eschewed interjecting my views into the many problems with our local government.

The DeBary City Council removed Clint Johnson from his elected position as mayor on August 24, 2016, by a 4-0 vote.

Clint Johnson recently petitioned the court and claimed, in effect, that he was removed unjustly.  Regardless of the feelings of the DeBary residents relating to both Clint Johnson and the DeBary City Council, there is in my view only one course of action that must be followed at this point in time.

In my view, it would be extremely unwise, and probably illegal, for the DeBary City Council to authorize any special election for mayor.  The Council must not authorize any special election until the Court rules upon Mr. Johnson’s petition of certiorari.  I hope the Council will follow this advice and allow a higher authority to either sanction or overturn the Council’s actions of August 24, 2016.

R. Van Conoley   ( Should Mr. Johnson’s case move forward in our justice system, I await with great interest in reading the transcripts of all involved in this unusual case.  I remind all citizens that lying is not illegal nor is it a felony.  However, lying under oath is both illegal and a felony.  All testimony in a Court proceeding is given under oath.)

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