Donald Trump Is 100000000000 % Correct !

I admire Donald Trump more and more as each day passes.  He has a fair and just tax plan that would reduce taxes for all Americans except the top 0ne-tenth of one percent of the super rich.  He has a real plan to secure the U.S.-Mexico border and make America safer for all law abiding citizens.  In essence, he has a real plan to make America great again.

The thing that I really admire the most about Donald Trump is his courage.  It took great courage for Donald Trump to state clearly that he will not accept the election results if Hillary Clinton wins.

If Hillary Clinton had been campaigning fairly and justly staying within the rules of American Laws, I would have expected Mr. Trump to clearly state that he would accept the will of the American People.  However, it is extremely clear now that Hillary Clinton and the Clinton campaign paid thugs, criminals, and mentally ill people to disrupt the Trump campaign rallies.  This is a serious violation of U.S. Law.  Several Trump supporters were injured by the paid thugs hired by Hillary Clinton.

How do Americans know that this is fact?    More importantly, how can Americans verify this information?  There are numerous video recordings on the web that feature a Clinton employee telling an undercover person how to disrupt Trump rallies and how to register people who are not citizens and how to encourage Clinton’s  paid thugs to vote for Clinton more than once.  All of these illegal actions should be investigated by: 1) Local law enforcement, 2) the FBI, and 3) the U.S. Secret Service.

I strongly believe that a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for a deranged criminal who does not respect American Law, American women, American workers, the American Constitution, and American traditional values.  Ms. Clinton has been bought and paid for by foreign governments who have contributed to the Clinton Foundation, corrupt businessmen, and some corrupt media representatives.  The media representatives on both CNN and MSNBC are nothing more than scatological political parasites living in the rectum of Hillary Clinton.  Both CNN and MSNBC are ongoing political advertisements for the Hillary Clinton Campaign and must be held to account for their corrupt and totally unethical journalistic practices.  In the past, I have enjoyed watching these two far left wing media stations.  However, I believe that it is totally un-American for any media outlet to distort the news to the point where ethical standards no longer exist.

When I was a young lad in my late teens and throughout my twenties, I enjoyed meeting women as many men do.  One of the things that I have learned in my life is that women are quite intelligent and often view the world in a slightly different perspective from men.  One of the things that fascinated me, when I was young before I married, was that women are extremely perceptive and were totally delightful to talk with.  While I will never admit to being old, I will admit that I am mature, retired, and married.  I mention this because I believe that women hold the key to the 2016 election.  If more women look closely at the two major candidates, I am hopeful that most of the undecided women will cast their votes for Trump/Pence on November 8, 2016.  For the first time since November, 1972, I will vote for a ” main party candidate. ” I vote in each and every election, but I have been voting for a third party presidential candidates for 44 years ! Both my wife and I plan to cast our votes for Donald Trump.  We have three granddaughters and the main reason that both I and my wife so strongly support Donald Trump is because we want a better world for our granddaughters.

To the undecided women, I suggest that your children and grandchildren will be much better off with Trump as President. Both Trump and Clinton have some negatives that have made them unpopular.  Trump made some crude and thoughtless statements that I as a Southern gentleman find offensive.  I can forgive Trump since he was thoughtless.  Hillary Clinton is nothing more than an ongoing criminal enterprise disguised as a person seeking the office of President.  She is totally unqualified.

R. Van Conoley

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