The Washington, D.C. Cesspool Overflows

Andrew McCabe is the deputy director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI ).  McCabe was director ( Agent in Charge ) of the Washington field office of the FBI in 2015.  He was then promoted to the number 3 position in the FBI.  Within one year, McCabe was promoted to deputy director, the second highest position in the FBI.

Both the Director and the deputy director of the FBI were involved with at least 50 other FBI agents in the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton for her criminal misuse of her private e-mail server.  The wife of deputy director McCabe, Ms. Jill McCabe, is a candidate for the state senate in Virginia.  Everything is legal so far and at this point in the story, no federal laws have been broken.

Recent events have uncovered that Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a long time Hillary Clinton insider and former Hillary Clinton campaign manager, donated at least $ 675,000.oo to the election of the wife of deputy director McCabe through a political Action Committee or PAC.  This created more than just an ethical conflict of interest between McCabe and his investigation of Hillary Clinton.  McCabe should have publically stated that his wife had ties to Hillary Clinton and to the Hillary Clinton campaign and that this disqualified him from evaluating Ms. Clinton’s  alleged multiple criminal violations.  Unfortunately, Agent McCabe did not do this.  Instead he was  silent as he was promoted to higher levels within the FBI.

Additionally, finds it impossible to believe that FBI Director James Comey had absolutely no knowledge about his deputy director and his deputy director’s wife in relation to a high profile political campaign.  It was incumbent for Director Comey to remove Agent McCabe from the Hillary Clinton criminal investigation.  As a law abiding American, I was totally shocked by Director Comey’s handling of the Hillary Clinton investigation.  Now it seems clear why Director Comey and his deputy director gave immunity from prosecution to Hillary Clinton’s top aids.  Also, Ms. Clinton’s answers that she did not remember being briefed about U.S. security while she was Secretary of State seem laughable and ludicrous.

Robert Hanssen was a former FBI agent who sold U.S. Intelligence to the Soviet Union and later to Russia for twenty-two years from 1979 to 2001.  He is currently serving 15 consecutive life terms at ADX Florence, a federal supermax prison in Colorado.  It is my fervent hope and greatest wish that both Mr. Comey and Mr. McCabe become incarcerated at the same prison and become cell mates with Mr. Hanssen after receiving a fair trial.

This sordid and pathological affair is an example of how the totally corrupt Hillary Clinton campaign could encourage federal law enforcement at the very highest levels of the U.S. Government to betray the Constitution, the American People, and the basic Rule of Law.

R. Van Conoley   ( Editor’s Note: In hindsight, Director J. Edgar Hoover and Associate Director Clyde Tolson were a strange pair.  Yet, both Hoover and Tolson understood and enforced the Rule of Law and followed the U.S. Constitution. )

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