Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and the Button

In presidential debate number three, Hillary Clinton stated that it might be dangerous for Donald Trump to be president and have access to the nuclear button.  I thought about this a lot after the debate.  I would much rather have Donald Trump as president with access to the nuclear button than Hillary Clinton.  Hillary Clinton has clearly demonstrated to the American People that she was totally incompetent while she was Secretary of State.  The only area that Hillary Clinton has attained great proficiency in is the area of lying.  Ms. Clinton is a consistent liar.  Ms. Clinton has a proven record of lying.

Since I do not believe that El Salvador, the Central African Republic, or Haiti are going to launch nuclear missiles at the U.S., it seems unlikely that President Trump would need to use the nuclear button.  However, President Hillary Clinton might decide to launch nuclear missiles at a few countries that did not give the corrupt Clinton Foundation financial contributions.  While many countries in the Middle East would be safe, this might pose a threat to Iceland, Switzerland, and Norway.  Also, Hillary Clinton has said that she would like to ” drone ” WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange.  Possibly, Ms. Clinton might change her mind and launch a nuclear strike against the Ecuadorian Embassy.

But there is another button that Americans need to worry about.  In my view, it is much more dangerous than the nuclear button.  It is the button that starts the printing presses running at the office of the Controller of the Currency.  Since Donald Trump has a solid plan to improve the economy of the U.S., President Trump would never give the order to increase the U.S. money supply unless there were sound economic reasons.

Since Hillary Clinton has absolutely no understanding of economics and international finance,  I can just picture Hillary Clinton increasing the U.S. National Debt by Trillions year after year.  In the course of destroying the U.S. economy, I believe that Hillary Clinton would try to “print” our way out of an economic crisis that she created.  I can envision runaway inflation making our money worthless as Ms. Clinton orders more money printing.  As the U.S. economy crashes downward, I believe that Ms. Clinton will not accept any responsibility for her actions.  I can see her blaming a rogue video on her irresponsible economic policies.

R. Van Conoley

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