Hillary Clinton : An American Terrorist and Political Psychopath – Part 3

Law abiding and loyal Americans must demand an apology from Hillary Clinton.  Omar Mateen  shot and killed 49 people inside an Orlando nightclub before he was killed.  Omar Mateen’s father attended a Hillary Clinton rally in Kissmmee, Florida, and was on public display seated just behind and to the side of Hillary Clinton. Mateen’s father appeared at the Hillary Clinton rally after the Orlando nightclub murders.

Many Americans view this act as a message from Hillary Clinton to many state sponsors of Islamic Terrorism.  This horrific act may have been intended as a ” Thank You ” for all of the money given to the Clinton Foundation.

Hillary Clinton’s Foundation welcomed money from countries with terrible human rights records and from countries with terrible LGBT-rights.  The following is a list of some countries that donated money to the Clinton Foundation.  They are: 1) Algeria, $ 500,000.00; 2) Brunei, $ 5,000,000.00; 3) Kuwait, $ 10,000,000.00; 4) Oman, $ 5,000,000.00; 5) Qatar, $ 5,800,000.00; 6) Saudi Arabia, $ 50,000,000.00; 7) and United Arab Emirates, $ 11,500,000.00.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI ) recently opened a new investigation into the criminal activities of Hillary Clinton after obtaining new evidence.  There is massive evidence to suggest that the Attorney General of the United States, Loretta Lynch, while meeting with former President Bill Clinton on a private plane in Phoenix, Arizona, discussed information relating to the Hillary Clinton criminal investigation.  Additionally, other high ranking members in the U.S. Justice Department were illegally in contact with the Hillary Clinton campaign and were providing classified information to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Additionally, it is not too late for many ethical newspapers who have endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.  With the release of additional information, no sane and sensible journalist should endorse Hillary Clinton for President.  Sanityandsense.com calls upon all ethical newspapers to withdraw their endorsements of Hillary Clinton on or before November 6, 2016.  The election is on November 8, 2016, and all ethical newspapers should withdraw their incorrect endorsements of Hillary Clinton before that date.  While it is a 100% certainty that Ms. Clinton will have the opportunity to face U.S. Justice in the near future, it would be best if Ms. Clinton faced justice as a private citizen rather than a President elect.

The U.S. has gone through this situation before with President Richard Nixon.  Much of Nixon’s criminal activities regarding Watergate were very publically known before the 1972 election.  Yet, Mr. Nixon was re-elected to a second term by a large margin in 1972.  Nixon resigned the office of President before his second term was completed.  1972 was the last time I voted for a major party candidate for president.  While I always voted in every election, I always voted for a third party candidate after 1972 until this year.   In early voting this year, I cast my vote for Donald Trump for president because he is the best qualified candidate and the only major party candidate who has no history of serious criminal acts against the American People and the U.S. Constitution.

R. Van Conoley   ( Editor’s Note: Individuals who misread the above article may mistakenly believe that I stated that all candidates have committed serious criminal acts other than Donald Trump.  To my knowledge, none of the third party candidates have any open criminal investigations like Ms. Clinton. )

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