Donald Trump’s Media Summit on November 21, 2016

The news media is very interesting.  The news media seems capable of reporting very basic facts.  For example, most newspapers have an obituary column.  The media can get the basic facts for the obituary column.  Now go to the sports section.  The baseball scores and the football scores are usually correct.  Now take a look at the editorial pages of most newspapers.  How many editorials have you read about the fact that Donald Trump was the leader of a new mass movement ?  None, of course, is the correct answer.  Exactly where is it possible to obtain accurate editorial information that correctly analyzed the Trump Mass Movement and did so correctly more than a year ago.  There is only one place that I know that did this ! It was  That is this website and the factual analysis is free for all to read.

Unfortunately, just because an individual reads an article does not mean that the reader understands the article.  Some may not understand anything the article analyzes.  Others may understand 10 % of the article.  Others may understand 20 % of the article.  A few rare individuals may understand 100% of the article.  If I were Donald Trump, I would have asked members of the media to read the following articles before the now famous meeting of November 21, 2016.

Three very important articles were published on this website.  The following is a list of the titles and the dates.  They are: 1) ” The Trump Revolution-Part 1. ” Published on November 7/ 2015; 2) ” The Trump Revolution – Part 2. ” Published on November 8, 2015; and        3)”  The Trump Revolution- Part 3. ” Published on November 10, 2015. The emphasis should be on the fact that the articles were all published more than a year ago, long before Trump got the Republican Presidential  Nomination and MORE THAN A YEAR BEFORE THE GENERAL ELECTION.  Readers may access all of these articles simply by typing into the search box at the top of this website the words, Donald Trump, and then click go.

Please allow me to point out that one of the articles clearly states that all mass movements do not need a God to propel them, but all mass movements need a devil to proselytize the followers.  Trump wisely made the corrupt Washington establishment and the corrupt news media the devil and proselytized more than 300 electoral votes.  Trump knows that he needs the corrupt news media to maintain his mass following.  If tomorrow, the news media started reporting fairly about Trump, I can assure you that Trump would be the unhappiest man in the world.  It is too bad that the media does not understand this basic fact.  I see the humor in this and I understand that others can not understand the inchoate and somewhat arcane ideas due to a lack of intellect or more often a lack of objectivity.

R. Van Conoley   ( Editor’s Note: I view the electronic media as biased as the print media.  The main difference is that the print media pretends to be objective while the electronic media divides itself into left wing ideologues and right wing ideologues. )

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