The Great Turkey and Donald Trump and Mitt Romney

Back in 1992, I was with some friends and we were talking about Thanksgiving.  Several of my friends stated that they did not find Thanksgiving very enjoyable.  I made the statement: ” I like Thanksgiving and I believe in the Great Turkey.”

On the Wednesday just before Thanksgiving in 1992, the Great Turkey appeared to me in a dream.  The Great Turkey told me that I could ask one question since I publically professed my belief in the Great Turkey.  It turned out that the Great Turkey answered my question correctly.  Since then, the Great Turkey has appeared to me in a dream each year just before Thanksgiving.  The Great Turkey has proven infallible.

In 2016, the Great Turkey appeared to me again in a dream.  Again the Great Turkey said that I could ask one question.  I asked the Great Turkey: ” Why would Donald Trump ask Mitt Romney to join his administration ? ” The Great Turkey replied: ” Everything that a U.S. President does is fully reported by the media.  Americans are finally learning how important it is for an American President to have a pet dog.  Barack Obama’s dogs are named Bo and Sunny and they are Portuguese Water Dogs.  President George W. Bush had two dogs named Barney and Miss Beazley.  Bill Clinton had a dog named Buddy and Buddy was a Labrador Retriever.  President George H.W. Bush had two Spaniels named Millie and Ranger. ”

The Great Turkey looked at me and said: ” Once Donald Trump decides on his Presidential Dog, it will be Mitt Romney’s job to groom and feed the dog every day.  Also, Mitt will have the responsibility of cleaning up all the dog “poop” in the White House.  It appears that Donald is thinking about a male pit bull dog that will probably bite Mitt at least once every week. ”

R. Van Conoley



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