Stop This Terrible Discrimination – A Modest Proposal To FOX News and Others

The following article was submitted to the editor of by the two illustrious authors: Isaac Bickerstaff and Jonathan Swift.

As a nation, we must move forward and stop many new forms of discrimination that are destroying our society.  FOX News, which pretends to support the Constitution, is the greatest violator.  Just look at the women who appear on FOX News.  All are stunningly beautiful with gorgeous hair, flawless complexions, and sensual figures with large breasts.  The women on FOX News all look like models and movie stars !  This is an unfair form of discrimination against average women !

Sadly, many other television networks follow this discriminatory pattern of feminine pulchritude.  This pulchritudinous attitude clearly discriminates against average women.    Are Americans to believe that average looking women can not report and analyze the news ?  Fortunately the networks do not employ this discriminatory standard in their male reporters and indeed have a plethora of ugly men reporting and analyzing the news.

Also, racial discrimination has once again become a part of America.  While watching an NFL football game, I noticed that nine of the eleven players on one team were Black.  Nine out of eleven is over 81%.  Where are all of the Asian players?  What kind of a message does this send to our children ?  Also, I noticed that neither MIT nor Cal-Tech had any graduates playing professional football !  Is this a subtle way of saying that individuals who excel in mathematics and the natural sciences can not qualify to play professional football ?

We must end this discrimination now !

Isaac Bickerstaff with assistance and research provided by Jonathan Swift.

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