Donald Trump Is Now Tai-Pan of The U.S. – Ayeee yah

I usually read three to five novels every month.  Last month, I read Newt Gingrich’s latest novel titled, TREASON.  It was excellent.  I searched for another recently published novel that I hoped would be as good as Newt’s latest novel.  I could not find any recently published novels that I thought were interesting, so I decided to re-read Tai-Pan by James Clavell.

Tai-Pan was published by Clavell in 1966, and is a great historical novel about the founding of Hong Kong.  Tai-Pan has been a worldwide best selling novel since its’ publication and has been translated into many languages.

Tai-Pan is about two very competitive world traders that takes place in 1841.  Dirk Struan is the Tai-Pan and is the owner of Noble House and ships that carry cargo to Asia.  Struan owns a fleet of ships that trade between China and England.  Dirk Struan is the hero in the novel.

Tyler Brock is another trader and is the enemy of Dirk Struan and he wishes to kill or destroy Struan and become Tai-Pan.  Brock is the villain in the novel.

I consider Tai-Pan to be historical fiction at the highest level.  As I re-read the book, I thought that there was a great deal of resemblance between Dirk Struan and Donald Trump.  Dirk Struan had three wives.  Donald Trump has had three wives.  Dirk Struan worked to insure that his family members were trained to continue to own and operate Noble House.  Donald Trump has worked to insure that his family members were trained to continue his business enterprises.

The novel is rich in great and interesting historical detail.  It is fascinating how the English and the Chinese each consider the other to be barbarians, yet each wishes to have a favorable trade advantage.  Silks and tea were exported from China to England.  Opium and other products were exported to China on English ships.

In 2017, Donald Trump faces a great challenge to improve the U.S. trade imbalance with Asian countries, especially China.  As an American, I wish my President elect the very best.

Today in China, and throughout Asia, women are proving themselves to be extremely adept in international business and international trade.  I have noticed that Donald Trump has a history of socializing with beautiful Occidental women.  Now that Mr. Trump will be negotiating complex trade deals with China, I suppose that Mr. Trump will have to learn to speak Mandarin or hire several Mandarin speaking women as advisors to assist him.  It would not surprise me if Mr. Trump soon learns the great cultural wisdom, and great intelligence, of Asian women in general and Chinese women in particular.

I hope that my President Elect will be able to resist the Asian Woman Fetish or AWF ! Asian Woman Fetish is a slang term for an interest and appreciation of Asian women by men of non-Asian descent.

I must respectfully encourage my President Elect, Donald Trump, to carefully read about Chinese Empress Wu Hu, also known as Empress Wu Zetian.  You can access this article by typing, Wu Hu, into the search space on this website’s home page and then click go.

I wish President Elect Donald Trump the very best in his Asian project.  Should you need anybody additional to assist you by traveling to Asia, I am ready to serve my President.  Ayeee yah !

R. Van Conoley

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