Donald Trump. Global Warming, and The Democratic Party

I visit a bookstore near my house several days each week.  I know that my wife is grateful that I do this so I will not disturb her while she is watching the Home Shopping Channel or taking one of her afternoon naps.  I enjoy the bookstore because I meet so many different people with so many different ideas.

Now that the election is over, I began to wonder why any sane and sensible person would vote for Hillary Clinton.  So, while at the bookstore, I asked a number of people whom they voter for in the presidential election. Some stated that they voted for Hillary.  I asked those who voted for Hillary why they thought that she was the best choice.  All of the Hillary voters were young people, under the age of 31, and all were greatly concerned with global warming.  I was told that 97% of all scientists believed in global warming and that very soon alligators would be swimming around the North Pole because the Polar Icecaps were melting rapidly and most of the world’s land masses would soon be underwater.

While I was greatly amused by this total nonsense, I noticed that global warming fanatics were parroting the same false information.  Having read both viewpoints about global warming, I decided to do some serious research.  I researched the following three topics: 1) Climate Change, 2) Global Warming, and 3) Global Cooling.

The global warming fanatics have websites where dire consequences are predicted if the human race does not stop this terrible plague immediately.  Much of the answer is extremely unclear except that the U.S. Federal Government should be enlarged and that many new taxes are needed to deal with this serious problem.

If any of my readers are interested in learning some truthful information about global warming, I believe that FORBES MAGAZINE is the best source.  Of course, the democrat crooks and the republican crooks in congress have joined the debate about global warming.  Don’t they already have enough things to lie about ? Congressman Lamar Smith has attacked scientists verbally who disagree with his viewpoint and even threatened to subpoena their e-mails !  Not to be outdone for gross stupidity, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli launched an investignation against climate researcher Michael Mann !  However, politicians know no bounds for human stupidity, so the Attorney General of New York initiated an investigation of Exxon Mobil for supposedly misleading investors about the risk of XOM’s common stock because of climate change !

Having proved once again that American politicians are probably the dumbest people in the universe, I would like to print a quote from Michael Lynch who wrote in FORBES ( Dec/6/2016 ) : ” … the reality is that going after viewpoints resembles the efforts of conservatives in the Catholic Church who fought some scientific theories … by condemning them rather than addressing them … ”  This is a very sane and sensible statement by Michael Lynch who criticized both sides in the global warming debate for their sleazy tactics.

My research avoided the lying politicians and fanatics on both sides and focused on scientific facts.  My research indicates that climate change and global warming/cooling is extremely complex and has a great many variables that must be considered and analyzed. Some of the scientific research clearly indicates that the earth is cooling.  Some of the scientific research clearly indicates that the earth is warming.  It just depends on what variables an individual selects to evaluate.

All scientists agree on one thing.  All scientists agree that there are climate cycles or climate oscillations.  There are cycles in atmospheric temperatures, sea temperatures, and rainfall rates just to name a few.  With hundreds of other variables under consideration, some of the oscillations occur on a daily basis, a yearly basis, and some on a ten thousand year basis !

The following is a list of some oscillations just to give my readers some understanding of the complexity involved.  They are: 1) North Pacific Oscillation, 2) North Atlantic Oscillation, 3) Artic Oscillation, 4) Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation, etc. There are too many others for a valid scientific listing.

My research, using the best valid scientific models available, indicates that the number of variables that indicate the earth is warming is about equal to the number of variables that indicate the earth is cooling.  Also, some regions of the earth are cooling while other regions are warming !

This website believes that sane and sensible people should continue to support valid scientific research into the complex area of climate change and global warming/cooling.  Also, this website believes that sane and sensible people should work to reduce both air and water pollution that will effect the quality of all life on earth.

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: President Elect Donald Trump has stated that he does not believe in global warming.  My advice to Mr. Trump is to allow the scientists to state the facts and hope that the congressional crooks remain silent on climate change. )

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