Time For FBI Director Comey To Be Removed From Office

Donald Trump, President of the U.S., stated that former President Obama either ordered or had knowledge of the tapping of candidate Donald Trump’s phones.  Now,  FBI Director James Comey asked the Justice Department to publicly reject this statement.

Who the hell does Comey think he is.  Trump never said that the FBI tapped his phones.  President Trump said that his phone was tapped.  Mr. Comey is best known for granting immunity to Hillary Clinton’s associates who had absolute and certain knowledge that Ms. Clinton had ordered an unsecured computer installed into her residence. Additionally Mr. Comey then stated that Ms. Clinton should not be prosecuted for her criminal acts.  If he had one ounce of integrity, Comey would have said: ” Here are the facts that the FBI has uncovered about Hillary Clinton.   Since the head of the Justice Department has recused herself from making a just decision regarding the prosecution of Ms. Clinton, I suggest that the U.S. Congress appoint a special prosecutor to determine if Ms. Clinton should be charged since this decision is not the responsibility of the FBI director.”

It is not foreign governments that I fear as an American.  I fear the politicalization of U.S. governmental agencies that should not be involved in partisan politics.  I fear Americans in high U.S. governmental offices who believe that they are above the laws of the U.S. I fear political appointees ,that have high security clearances, and who act in their best interests and in the best interests of a political party rather than in the ethical and moral interests of the American People and the U.S. Constitution.

I suggest that President Trump stop using the expression: ” Drain the swamp. ” It is time for President Trump to flush the cesspool of public corruption in Washington, D.C.

R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s Note: It is time for the CIA, the NSA, the DIA, the DEA, the DHS, and all other intelligence agencies to understand that they are not TV celebrities. Agents of U.S. Intelligence should remain silent and loyal to the U.S. and the Justice Department should vigorously and severely prosecute any and all individuals who leak classified information. )

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