Kim Jong-Un : Dictator of Mass Destruction

On February 13, 2017, Kim Jong-Nam was murdered in an airport in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Kim Jong-Nam was the half brother of North Korean Dictator, Kim Jong-Un.  Two women murdered this man by touching his face with VX, a lethal nerve agent.  The two women were seen before the murder with four North Korean men in the airport.

The assassination was ordered by Kim Jong-Un.  On March 6, 2017, North Korea tested four intermediate range missiles in a show of force timed to coincide with U.S.- South Korean military exercises. published an article on September 16, 2016, before the November Presidential election.  A quote from that article reads: ” … I greatly admire Donald Trump because he had the courage and the common sense to talk about this issue ( North Korea ) during the republican primary debates. ” No other republican presidential candidate had the courage to bring up this issue !

The United States fought a ” Police Action ” in Korea from June, 1950 to July, 1953 in which 33,652 American lives were lost.

It is indisputable that Kim J0ng-Un presents a clear and present danger to world peace and to the U.S. and to all countries in the Asian region., which has been extremely critical of the misuse of the U.S. military for the past 20 years, strongly urges President Trump to strike North Korea with extensive force that will destroy the North Korean military program and the North Korean nuclear program.  The U.S. has been pushed and dragged into wars time and time again.  Now the U.S. can avoid a future World War by striking North Korea with great force.  If carried out correctly the U.S. will not be required to place one American combat soldier on the ground in North Korea.

Please carry out your campaign ideas President Trump.  Of course it is not an easy decision, but failure to act is a far greater risk to the U.S. and to the world.

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: Go to the search box on this website’s home page and type in the words: Kim Jong-un. The click go and read carefully the article titled: ” Why I Like Donald Trump-Part 2. ” )


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