The Extraordinary Option – Martial Law

It seems quite apparent that President Donald Trump will have to impose Martial Law in the U.S. for a period of time.  Imposition of Martial Law has happened only twice in the history of the U.S.  President Lincoln imposed Martial Law on a national scale during the Civil War.  President Roosevelt imposed limited Martial Law for a time during World War II.

Martial Law may be declared by the President under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15, of the U.S. Constitution.  The U.S. Supreme Court stated that the term Martial Law carried no precise meaning.  Essentially it means whatever the President says it means while Martial Law is in effect.   ( Supreme Court reference– Duncan v Kahanamoku, 327, U.S. 304, 1946. )

Under a declaration of Martial Law, President Donald Trump could direct FBI agents and U.S. Marshals to arrest any and all city, county, and state elected officials who are in violation of U.S. Laws.  All Federal Laws are supreme to any city, county, or state laws.  The existence of sanctuary cities in the U.S. is in direct violation of Federal Law.  Presently there are 300 jurisdictions that have adopted sanctuary policies that are in violation of U.S. Law.  During the period of time Martial Law is in effect, individuals arrested for alleged crimes against U.S. Law may be held in jail without bail as long as Martial Law is in effect.  When the period of Martial Law is removed by the President, all aspects of due process are restored to all Americans.  During a period of Martial Law with individuals in jail, hopefully the Attorney General will assign Assistant U.S. Attorneys to each and every individual charged.  Then when Martial Law is lifted and those charged are released on bail, the U.S. Attorneys will be ready to begin prosecution as soon as the individual’s defense is ready.

There are additional problems that President Trump has to deal with.  Possibly these problems are so severe in nature that they may also need to be implemented under Martial Law conditions.

Problem # 1) Hillary Clinton: Hillary Clinton’s criminal investigation was not handled fairly by FBI Director James Comey.  The evidence overwhelmingly warranted a criminal indictment.  Director Comey looked like a complete fool after stating a long list of Ms. Clinton’s wrongdoings.  Then Comey stated that Ms. Clinton would not be a candidate for prosecution.  The only sane and sensible reason that Comey abused his legal responsibilities to such a great degree is that Comey was part of the Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, and other Obama insiders who abused the Constitutional Rights of Donald Trump and his staff. Comey probably knew about secret recordings of the Trump staff and possibly may have provided written or verbal documents to the Obama Team to help Hillary Clinton in her ill fated campaign.

So now. President Trump has the distasteful obligation to the American People to direct the U.S. Justice Department to indict Ms. Clinton for her egregious misuse of classified documents.  Additionally, President Trump has a moral obligation to direct the U.S. Justice Department to indict any and all individuals who misused the U.S. Intelligence services to illegally spy on the Trump campaign. Sadly, it seems likely that Barack Obama will be included.

Problem # 2) While Ms. Clinton was selling political influence to any and all countries who donated to the ” Clinton Foundation,” Donald Trump was involved in multinational business involving foreign countries.  No evidence whatsoever has been produced that President Trump or his staff committed any illegal actions, yet it may become necessary for President Trump to publically list his business involvements with some foreign countries.  This seems to many sane and sensible people like a gross invasion of Mr. Trump’s private business.  However, it may have to be done.

Finally, FBI Directors have reputations for unethical activities.  J. Edgar Hoover provided President Lyndon Johnson with files of extremely wealthy Americans for his reading enjoyment. Other Directors were incompetent.  As a law abiding American, Judge William Webster was the only FBI Director that I believed was an excellent choice and acted in the best interests of the American People and the Constitution.  President Trump, you must find an individual with the intelligence and integrity of Judge William Webster and appoint him FBI Director to restore trust in our most important law enforcement agency.

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: On March 6, 2017, this website stated that FBI Director Comey should be fired.  Type Comey’s name into the search box to read the article. Sadly it appears that Comey may be guilty of many other criminal actions.)


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