Newt Gingrich’s New Book Titled: UNDERSTANDING TRUMP

I did not hear about Newt Gingrich until the 1980’s.   I made the totally false assumption that Gingrich was just another congressional blowhard.  I could not have been more wrong !

I am an avid reader of historical fiction.  After reading the outstanding novels written by Gingrich, I now view him as one of the greatest American authors of historical fiction.  After reading Gingrich’s non fiction work titled: ” BREAKOUT,” I now believe Gingrich is one of the greatest “thinkers” of the 20th. and 21st. Centuries.

James Boswell obtained great fame for his outstanding biography of Samuel Johnson.  James Boswell’s surname passed into the English Language as a term for a constant companion and observer. You probably are familiar with the term Boswellian or another term, Boswellism.  It appears that Newt Gingrich will become Donald Trump’s Boswellian author and world authority.

Gingrich’s new book is titled: “UNDERSTANDING TRUMP.” The book is 368 pages and is due to be released on June 13, 2017.  The book is already in first place on most non fiction lists because of the huge numbers of pre orders !!  I can hardly wait !

R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s Note: I made a very serious attempt in a number of articles published on this website to explain mass political movements. I did not focus directly on Mr. Trump, but upon the commonality of personality traits that are possessed by both left wing extremists and right wing extremists. Still,  I believe that few people really understand that at the very heart of individuals who promote radical political change is the concept of self-rejection. Without this understanding, there is little ability to understand the major factor of vast political change. )

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