A Cordial Letter To Duke Energy Corporation

Lynn J. Good, CEO and President// Duke Energy Headquarters// 526 S. Church Street// Charlotte, N.C. 28202 //

COPY TO: Duke Energy Corporate Office// 4359 SE Maricamp Rd.// Ocala, Fl. 34480 //

Dear Ms. Good:

I am a resident of DeBary, Florida, and Duke Energy Corporation serves most of the residents in the city of DeBary.

When Duke Energy purchased our previous electric provider, Progress Energy, you acquired both the assets and liabilities of Progress Energy.  One of the assets that Duke Energy acquired was a considerable amount of land.  The property line in the back of my house borders a portion of Duke Energy’s property.  The property under discussion is a natural forest that borders at least twenty other houses in this development.

I and my neighbors like the natural forest.  Possibly you were not aware of some of the legal requirements relating to your section of the natural forest:

1) Tree branches, tree limbs, vines and other forms of vegetation have grown over my fence and it is the legal responsibility of Duke Energy to remove this growth.  Also, other residents who have a common property line with your property would like for Duke Energy to clear a six foot wide path from their property lines back into the forest.  This is for their protection and for your protection.

2) There are a number of dead trees that are on your property and many of them are leaning in a direction that presents a danger to the residents and to their property.  These dead trees should be removed.

3) Over many years, dead tree branches, dead tree leaves, and a lot of other dead organic matter covers the forest floor in all places.  In a dry year, this organic material could ignite and destroy not only a nice forest but valuable property of private citizens in close proximity.  In some areas the covering is two feet deep and in other places it is at a depth of three feet.  DeBary residents believe that Duke Energy should reduce a serious future fire hazard by removing much of the dead organic matter from your forest floor.

Ms. Good, I believe that you were simply unaware of this situation.  I hope that your local representative and I can communicate and work together in a friendly and cordial manner.  Surely, this cordial approach would enhance the corporate image of Duke Energy.  However, a lifetime of experience has taught me that a considerate and cordial request is usually effective about 95% of the time.  In a few instances when a cordial approach was rejected, I have never hesitated to employ a forceful legal approach.

Today is June 26, 2017.  Therefore, I believe that you will agree with me that this situation should be completely resolved by July 26, 2017.  My private contact information is contained on a separate sheet and an addendum is attached that has been signed by a number of other interested DeBary residents.

Cordially, R. Van Conoley 26 June 2017; DeBary, Florida

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