Part 8: Facts and More Facts

Skunks will eat anything that moves , including live bees and bats.   ***********************************************************************************************

Rats must constantly gnaw things to wear down their teeth, which grow up to five and a half inches each year.   *********************************************************************************************

Four million years ago, there were rats that were the size of bulls.***************************************************************************************

Mother rats will eat their babies if food is in short supply.              *******************************************************************************************

Koalas have fingerprints that are almost identical to human fingerprints.  An electron microscope is needed to tell the two apart.           ******************************************************************************************

Armadillos can walk across the bottom of a body of water or inflate their intestines with air and float across.                                                                       ****************************************************************************************

The blowfish, or puffer fish,  is the most poisonous vertebrate after the golden poison frog.    ********************************************************************************

Puffer toxin is one hundred times more poisonous than cyanide.  Ingestion can kill a person in one and a half hours.  Victims die of asphyxiation while fully conscious.     *********************************************************************************

In Japan, puffer fish (fugu) is a potentially deadly delicacy.  Only licensed fugu chefs are allowed to prepare it after completing two to three years of extensive training.    ********************************************************************************

R. Van Conoley




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