Donald Trump and Honest Capitalism

On July 12, 2011, I published an article on this website titled: ” Which Is Better: 1) Corrupt and Fascist Capitalism or, Honest and Just Socialism ? ” In that article, I wrote: ” … I would select a third choice if I had a choice.  I would prefer an honest and just form of capitalism to either just socialism or to corrupt capitalism …. ”  At the end of the article I stated in effect that I hoped the 2012 Presidential election would have real debates that involved more than a republican crook and a democrat crook.  Unfortunately they did not.

What many Americans fail to understand is that while Donald Trump was the republican party candidate in 2016, he was an outspoken opponent of both the republican party crooks and the democrat party crooks.  Donald Trump’s form of applying honest capitalism that will benefit almost all Americans is as much a threat to the corrupt republican “capitalists” as it is to the impractical socialists of the democrat party.

Few Americans can comprehend that Barack Obama did nothing to help poor working Americans and Black Americans who live in abject poverty.  If America had elected the head of the racist Ku Klux Klan in place of Obama, he could not have done less for the poor and impoverished citizens in the U.S . Obama spent a lot of his time with two of his super billionaire friends: 1) Warren Buffett and 2) George Soros.  In place of real economic opportunities, Barack Obama gave many Black Americans and poor White Americans the excuse of victimization and a little extra welfare to remain in abject poverty and hopelessness.  The rich and the super rich could not have asked for a better surrogate than Barack Hussein Obama.

Donald Trump will give great economic opportunities to millions of Americans who are willing to work or to be retrained.

Donald Trump is a significant paradigm shift from corrupt government and mindless welfare that threatens both the democrat crooks and the republican crooks in congress. He is the best thing that could possibly happen to our great Republic, so it is necessary that the forces of corruption must destroy him before Americans can fully understand how much better American can become under his wise leadership and supervision. It is now a battle of honest capitalism, led by Donald Trump, against an old and established order of political corruption.  The battle has been joined and the forces of political corruption want to fight their battle using corrupt tactics rather than U.S. Law and the legal political processes that have governed our great Republic.  If the forces of political corruption win, our Republic will be destroyed and that in my view would be better than returning to the old corrupt paradigm.

R. Van Conoley






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