California As An Independent Nation

Once again, this website is deeply honored to publish an article written by our most distinguished contributor, Jonathan Swift.

I recently learned that Louis Marinelli has come to the conclusion that California does not need the United States.  Mr. Marinelli believes that California should become an independent nation.

I, Jonathan Swift, wish to publically go on record as being in total agreement with Mr. Marinelli.  What a Swift idea, if you will pardon the pun.  Mr. Marinelli certainly is on the right track, but his idea needs some additional consideration.  Once California is an independent nation, I believe that it should be physically separated from the United  States.

California has borders with three other states.  It borders: 1) Oregon, 2) Nevada, and 3) Arizona.  I suggest that once California becomes an independent nation that deep trenches should be dug along the California-Oregon border, the California-Nevada border, and along the California-Arizona border.  Once California is completely detached from these three states, it seems obvious that the former state of California should be dragged into the Pacific Ocean for at least 200 miles.

Just think, now Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona will have borders with the Pacific Ocean.  Oregon already has a border with the Pacific, but now the Southern border of Oregon will border the Pacific.  Nevada will have a long border with the Pacific and Arizona will have a modest border with the Pacific.

The question comes to mind where shall the old state of California be located in the vast Pacific.  Shall it go due West? Shall it go Northwest?  Shall it go Southwest?  I strongly advocate for towing the old state of California in a Northwest direction and believe that the new nation should be located in close proximity to China and North Korea.  Surely the good citizens of the old state of California will find happiness and form a close alliance with these two nations.

Editor’s Note: Jonathan Swift is a distinguished contributor to this website and we are deeply grateful for his contributions.  I would like to encourage readers to type the words, Jonathan Swift, into the search box on the home page of this website and easily locate other articles by this profound scholar.  Jonathan Swift’s contributions have continually generated great interest and many comments.  R. Van Conoley, Editor

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