Kim Jong-un : A Gambling Man ??

There are two clocks that I check frequently on the Internet.  One is the National Debt Clock of the U.S. which shows in real time how the U.S. National Debt is growing.  Readers can observe the numbers changing right before their eyes.  Indeed it is compelling visual evidence what the U.S. Congressional Crooks are doing to the American People.

The other real time clock that I frequently observe is the World Population Clock.  The world population clock is a visual record in real time of how many humans exist on our planet and how the world population is growing.  The world population clock factors in how many people are being born each second and how many people are dying each second.

While our planet has people dying daily from war, disease, and famine, the birth rate has continuously exceeded the death rate since the end of World War II.  17 million people were killed in World War I.  80 Million people were killed in World War II.

In 1950, just five years after the end of World War II, the total world population was 2,557,628,654.  Today the world population is 7,524,317,564.  That is a huge increase in the number of people living on our planet since the end of World War II.

Thomas Malthus ( 2/13/1766 to 12/29/1834 ) was an economist.  Malthus stated that the world’s population would be kept low because of: 1) War, 2) Disease, and 3) Famine (starvation ). Indeed the world’s population hardly increased in the 1200’s to the 1700’s. Malthus was right, dead right, if you will pardon the pun.  In the past century, the world has made great strides in reducing diseases and increasing our food supply.

While the world has had continuous wars since the 1950’s, we have not had any dramatic reductions in population like World War II.  Thanks to that psychotic leader of North Korea, things may be about to change.  Suppose that the U.S. has to strike North Korea forcefully and 20 million people are killed.  Those 20 million on a global population scale represent only 0.26% of the world population.  Hence, 99.74% of the world’s population will survive.  Now suppose that a strike on North Korea kills 100 million people since all of Kim’s weapons are not destroyed and he manages to shoot off a few nuclear weapons.  One hundred million dead represents only 1.32% of the world’s population and 98.68% survive.

Now ask yourself this question: Why would a sane man point a hand gun at a police officer and shout: ” I am going to kill you.” Wouldn’t you agree that the law enforcement officer has the right to kill the individual to protect his own life ? Most sane individuals would agree.  This begs the question: Is Kim Jong-un sane ? If Kim is sane, why is he in effect pointing a gun at the U.S. and threatening to shoot ? Could it involve the price of gold ?

The price of gold closed at $ 1,289.21 per ounce on August 11, 2017, on the international markets.  Gold prices are rising as they always do when international crises threaten.  With all the leaks that Americans have been hearing about in Washington, it is not too surprising that Europe has a few leaks, even the closed mouth Swiss are in on the game.  Several entities are buying large amounts of gold as surrogates for North Korea.  Wouldn’t it be interesting if the North Korean surrogates kept on buying gold until gold reached $ 1,547.06 per ounce ? If the surrogates position was 100 Billion in gold and the surrogates sold at $ 1,547.06 per ounce, that would be a nice profit of $ 20 Billion.  Also, at the same time the surrogates sold or closed their positions at $ 1,547.06/ounce, Kim might just state that he has reached an agreement with President Donald Trump and he promises to use his nuclear bombs for peaceful purposes just to protect North Korea.  Kim’s surrogates could short gold at that time and collect another 10 Billion as the price of gold falls back or below the $ 1,289/ounce range !

The Asian People love to gamble.  The Chinese People ripped off the doors at a new Casino in China in order to rush the gambling tables and test their joss. I am betting that Kim is a gambler too, but I hope he knows when to fold.  I also hope he is sane and pulls off a great economic scam that is perfectly legal if he does not start a nuclear war.

R. Van Conoley



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