Donald Trump Scores An A+ With The Truth

Until 2016, I had not voted for a main party candidate in a presidential election since 1972.  I never miss voting, and for 44 years, I had voted for third party candidates for president since 1972 !  I absolutely despise the democrat crooks and the republican crooks that make up the corrupt U.S. Congress.

I heard President Trump’s news conference and I am extremely proud that I voted for Donald Trump for President in 2016.  The president was absolutely correct when he stated that there were “political thugs” on both sides.  He is absolutely 100% correct and I strongly look forward to contributing to the campaigns of any congressional candidate who will support Donald Trump.

The sick, pathological, lying, biased, and fake news media pounded Mr. Trump for telling the truth.  Mr. Trump stated that he disliked and disavowed White racists and Black racists.  What a perfect statement for the American People. With the exception of the Communist News Media, any sane and sensible individual could clearly see that violence came from both sides at Charlottesville. The fake and false Communist media wanted to Procrusteanize President Trump into condemning only one side in this terrible event.  The fake and false news media is so long accustomed to their periphrastic and polemical pettifoggery that they could not comprehend that the left has violent individuals and terrorists that should be condemned. Indeed, in my opinion, the false reporting by the leftist and fake media has aided and abetted a great amount of violence by left wing radicals and the American People are damn tired of it !

As a law abiding and honest American Citizen, I consider the fake and false news media in the U.S. to be my enemy and the enemy of the U.S. Constitution.  America is in great need of an honest and fair news media that can report the news fairly.  I find the fake and false news media to be a greater threat to our Republic than foreign terrorists.  It is time U.S. Citizens demanded honest news reporting.

R. Van Conoley

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