President Trump and Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey was downgraded to a tropical storm after bashing Southeastern Texas.  The National Hurricane Center stated that serious flooding would continue through many regions in Texas. believes that President Trump will aggressively move forward to assist citizens of Texas who can no longer live or reside in their flooded or destroyed homes in the near future.  Unlike past presidents, this website expects Mr. Trump to order specified military bases around the U.S. to set up tents and temporary living facilities for citizens so they can reside in a safe, dry, and clean place until the crisis is under control.

Possibly Fort Rucker in Alabama, Patrick Air Force base in Florida, Fort Benning in Georgia, and Fort Stewart in Georgia are some of the bases under consideration.  President Trump is expected to order U.S. military forces to assist the citizens in a temporary relocation with the highest priority being given to elderly citizens and families with young children.

Donald Trump will not have to lie and say something stupid like: ” You did the hell of a job,” to some worthless bureaucrat because the American People will see firsthand that the President employed sane and sensible actions to help our fellow Americans.  All sane and sensible Americans are observing closely Mr. Trump’s leadership skills in this time of need and all Americans wish our President well in the task ahead.

R. Van Conoley

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