The Department of Veterans Affairs – A Public Disgrace

About three years ago, Americans learned that dozens of VA facilities had been falsifying records to hide their incompetency.  While this is indeed a public disgrace, many average Americans have known about the fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement, Nepotism, racism, the staggering incompetency of the Veterans Administration for decades.

The VA criminality was known in detail by President Clinton, President Bush (43 ), and President Obama.  Yet, not one of these bull-slingers had the basic decency nor the political courage to do anything to correct the problem.

The federal workforce is a totally corrupt special interest group much more interested in self protection than in serving the American People.  This special interest group has negotiated a number of terrible rules relating to employment that make it nearly impossible to fire or discipline anyone for any reason !

All disciplinary actions are subject to very lengthy and excessively expensive appeals, during which the corrupt or incompetent employee is entitled to receive his/her salary !

The following are just a few examples of some VA employees who continued to receive six digit salaries while “waiting” to be fired :

** Sharon Halman was the Phoenix VA Hospital Administrator who was on paid leave for seven months.

** Lance Robinson was Associate Director at the Phoenix VA Hospital and was on paid leave for 19 months.  He was put back to work for two months before he was fired in June, 2016.

( Editor’s Note: Phoenix is in Arizona. John McCain is the longtime Senator from Arizona. He certainly should have been aware of the VA problems in Arizona.  Many believe that ” Crooked John” should have left the Senate after his involvement in the S&L scandal was made known years ago.  McCain may indeed be the single most corrupt Senator in the U.S. Senate which is chock full of crooks. )

** Ed Russell was the director of benefits of the VA in Reno, Nevada.  Graded as poor for years, he was finally given a new “work” from home advisory position.

** Daniel Kim, MD, was put on leave with full salary after blinding a patient during a routine surgery.  The same MD forged documents at the VA.

The list of incompetent, corrupt, and crooked VA employees could go on and on and on and on and on !  It is totally insulting to all law abiding American Citizens.

Thankfully President Trump has publically expressed outrage at the crooked and scandal-wracked VA.  President Trump has pledged to fire all corrupt VA employees.  All law abiding and decent Americans should be ever grateful to President Trump for his courage and his integrity.

Sadly, similar examples of gross incompetence can be found in many other federal departments and agencies.  However, I still find it almost incomprehensible that Bill Clinton, George Bush (43), and Obama all lacked the courage to address this problem.  Mr. Clinton, Bush (43) and Obama all opposed the election of Donald Trump.  It is certainly understandable why these three bull-slingers would oppose an honest and law abiding man like Donald Trump.

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: I recently received a call from Jonathan Swift who was outraged over the corruption at the VA.  Dr. Swift stated: ” If people want to receive American Tax dollars for incompetence and corruption, I say let them join the U.S. Senate.” )



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