Wells Fargo CEO Appears Before Senate Banking Committee

On Tuesday, October 3, 2017, the U.S. Senate Banking Committee questioned the Chief Executive Officer of Wells Fargo, Timothy J. Sloan.  Sloan has been CEO since October, 2016, and he succeeded John Stumpf.

An internal review revealed that Wells Fargo created 3.5 Million fraudulent accounts and that Wells Fargo employees secretly created millions of additional fake accounts using the private information of their own customers.  Numerous federal banking laws were violated and there are severe legal sanctions for such criminal behavior.

Both the democrat crooks and the republican crooks on the Senate Banking Committee feigned outrage at such immoral behavior.  All of the senators wanted to know when such criminal behavior would come to an end.

Sanityandsense.com is glad to inform the Senate Banking Committee that such criminal behavior will cease when the criminals who perpetrated such behavior are indicted, arrested, tried in court, and finally sentenced to prison.  Of course this is never going to happen.  It will not happen because lobbyists for Wells Fargo, and other large banking interests, have “bought and paid for” the souls of most of the members of the Senate Banking Committee.  If there were one scintilla of justice left in the U.S. Federal Government, the government would nullify Wells Fargo’s right to exist as a legal corporation in the U.S. for their criminal activities.  Also, all of the high level administrators in Wells Fargo would be indicted, arrested, and tried in a court of law on numerous criminal chargers.

What will happen in reality is that the lobbyists for Wells Fargo will seek and find more corrupt democrat crooks and more corrupt republican crooks who will support their corrupt activities in the future.

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: President Obama’s good friend, Warren Buffett, has several surrogates on the Board of Wells Fargo.  It is strange how much corruption exists in corporations where Warren Buffett has large shareholder interests. )

Editors Note 2: ( The U.S. will have to learn that legal rules and regulations that must be obeyed by the average American, must be obeyed by large U.S. multinational corporations.  President Trump’s desire to create a more just society for both the rich and the poor is the reason that many of the super-rich oppose President Trump continuously. )

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