Dr. Terrence Soule, Dentist – A Patient’s Review

Dr. Terrence Soule is a dentist whose office is located at: 2578 South Volusia Avenue; Orange City, Fl. 32763

I have always taken responsible care of my teeth and I have never opted for the least expensive treatment.  Also, I have always done research by talking with people in a desire to find an honest and responsible dentist.

My dentist at the above address was Dr. Robert Erdman for a number of years.  During recent visits to the above address, a Dr. Terrence Soule would enter the room to “check” my teeth after a routine cleaning.  When I asked where Dr. Erdman was, I was told, ” he is not here.”  Sometimes I was told that he was on vacation.  I would have considered it ethical if Dr. Erdman had written to all of his patients stating that he planned to retire from his business and clearly state what financial arrangements he made with Dr. Soule. He finally sent a note, long after a reasonable time,  which I considered unethical because of the long time delay.

I unwisely permitted Dr. Soule to perform a procedure on one tooth. Soule treated a tooth for a crown.  In my opinion, his work was unprofessional and incompetent for the following reasons.

1) During the first step in the dental procedure, I remained in the dental chair for almost 2.5 hours.  At one point, I used my cell phone to call the front desk and ask when Soule would return.  Soule was multitasking with other patients, but I felt that his long absences from my procedure were unethical and unprofessional.

2) The dental assistant in the first procedure was told by Soule to place chemical saturated strings in the site to prepare for a mold/impression.  When Soule returned to the room, I heard him state to his assistant that she had not completed the task correctly.  In my view, it is highly unethical for a dentist to assign a task to a dental assistant unless he is sure that the assistant can do the job correctly.

3) The temporary crown was a poor fit and was probably responsible for the pain and discomfort that I suffered for more than two weeks while the permanent crown was being made. In my view, it is highly unethical to prepare a temporary crown that is not a correct fit.

4) Upon returning more than two weeks later to receive the permanent crown, a different dental assistant was there and she said that the new crown did not fit properly.

5) I stated to Soule and his assistant that the crown did not feel uncomfortable.  At this point, an ethical dentist would have said that the crown was not acceptable. I considered Soule unethical and incompetent because he easily could have performed two simple procedures to help me understand. First he could have given me a piece of dental floss and asked me to floss. I would then have immediately understood that the crown was the wrong size. Also, Soule easily could have taken a picture of the tooth with the advanced equipment and displayed the image on the computer screen for me to view.  He did neither, and in my view, this demonstrates gross incompetence on Soule’s part.

6) Today the crown is permanently affixed and there is discomfort in the region. In my view, there would be no discomfort if Soule had not displayed gross negligence and incompetence as a dentist.

R. Van Conoley


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