Hillary Clinton’s Surprising Genome And the NSA

Moderate feminists can find little ideological support from most animals in the animal kingdom.  In almost all species, males are more aggressive and dominant and insensitive while their female counterparts are focused on raising their young.  Yet radical feminists can find a massive amount of support from insects in the insect queendom.

Female insects are almost always larger and much more aggressive than their male counterparts.  While engaged in coitus, the female Preying Mantis decapitates her lover and drinks his blood which actually improves the headless male’s performance.  The female Black Widow Spider maneuvers the male into her fangs in the course of copulation and effectively engages in necrophilia with him.

The National Security Agency ( NSA ) has been collecting data about Americans for years.  The program is codenamed PRISM.  Sanityandsense.com has recently learned that the NSA has started a new top level operation named GENOME.  Each human, with the exception of identical twins, has their own unique genome.  The NSA can replicate any human genome from just a trace of genetic material.  For example, enough genetic material may be obtained from a drinking glass used by any person and the unique genetic code then defined for that individual.  The genetic code may be obtained from discarded cigarettes or any other object of which a person touches and leaves a genetic trace.

The NSA started operation GENOME for purposes of National Security and so far the NSA has obtained the genome of 123 men and women considered of great importance to the security of the United States.  Sanityandsense.com has learned  from reliable sources that a top level analyst working for NSA sold a copy of Hillary Clinton’s genome to a foreign diplomat in exchange for 16 Million dollars.

Sanityandsense.com has learned that the NSA operative, originally cleared by the Obama Justice Department, operated as a double agent under the assumed name of Ernesto Snowflake. In actuality Ernesto Snowflake was really Kpatcha Gnassingbee who entered the United States illegally from the Central African Republic.  Mr. Gnassingbee is now believed to be in asylum in the embassy of Papua New Guinea.

Additionally, Sanityandsense.com has learned that a foreign country is planning to release Hillary Clinton’s genome to the world press. Sanityandsense.com has learned from reliable sources that Ms. Clinton’s genome contains two distinct genes that have never been observed before in any human genome.  On Chromosome 7, gene six is an exact replica of a gene found only in the female Preying Mantis.  On Chromosome 23, gene eleven is an exact replica of a gene found only in the female Black Widow Spider.

Additionally, this website has learned that the Democratic National Committee ( DNC ) plans to accuse President Trump of colluding with Russia to release Ms. Clintons genome and of leaking National Security information.

R. Van Conoley   ( Editor’s Note: I would like to thank my able associate, Jonathan Swift, for his valuable time and research assistance in writing this article. )


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