James Comey – A Sex Change Operation !

George Santayana stated: ” Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. ”

Richard Nixon was President from 1969 until 1974.  While Nixon was President, the Watergate scandal happened.  Archibald Cox was appointed special prosecutor to investigate and find the truth.

On October 20, 1973, President Nixon ordered his Attorney General, Elliot Richardson, to fire special prosecutor Cox. Richardson refused to comply and resigned.

Then Nixon ordered the Deputy Attorney General, to fire Cox.  The Deputy AG was William Ruckelshaus who became acting AG upon Richardson’s resignation.  He also refused to fire Cox and resigned. .

Finally Nixon ordered the Solicitor General who was now acting AG to fire Cox.  Acting AG Robert Bork followed the directive and fired special prosecutor Cox.  These incidents all happened on October 20, 1973, and they came to be known as the ” Saturday Night Massacre. ”

Unfortunately for President Nixon, Leon Jaworski became the second special prosecutor in the case and continued the work of Mr. Cox and his efforts eventually led to President Nixon’s resignation.  In total, forty individuals were indicted or convicted.

Barack Obama appointed James Comey to the position of FBI Director.  It became Comey’s task to investigate a large number of criminal violations against the Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Loretta Lynch was appointed by Obama to serve as Attorney General in 2015.  As AG, Ms. Lynch had some legal controlling authority over James Comey.  Attorney General Lynch told Comey to call his criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton a “matter.” At this point, if James Comey had any integrity, honesty, and respect for the U.S. Constitution, he would have told Lynch that he and he alone would conduct the investigation of Hillary Clinton and present her with the facts for her consideration.  Unfortunately Comey was a coward and lacked the integrity of Richardson and  Ruckelshaus.

James Comey, the traitor to America and the U.S. Constitution, became Lynch’s Lap Dog.  AG Lynch quickly neutered her Lap Dog and Comey became a partner in what appears to be a serious criminal cover up of the allegedly serious crimes committed by Hilary Clinton against the American People and the U.S. Constitution.

Comey was so deeply involved in his nefarious misuse of power that he allowed Andrew McCabe to remain as Deputy Director of the FBI despite McCabe’s connections to Clinton connected money flowing to the wife of Andrew McCabe.

The actions of James Comey and Andrew McCabe have severely tarnished the reputation of the FBI.  The apparently criminal actions of Comey and McCabe demonstrate that the very highest levels of Federal Law Enforcement are corrupt. The reputations of the mid level FBI agents remain intact and all law abiding Americans can be assured that 100% of the mid level FBI agents want a special prosecutor to investigate, and if necessary indict, all FBI agents involved in criminal activities.

The nightmarish picture of Comey’s and McCabe’s actions are just one part of the many alleged criminal allegations surrounding Hillary and Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

Since AG Lynch has succeeded in neutering James Comey, I suggest that Comey should have a complete sex change operation like the notorious traitor Bradley Manning who became Chelsea Manning.

R. Van Conoley ( Editor’s Note: During the Watergate Hearings, members of the Republican Party did not attempt in any way to cover up the illegal and criminal actions of the corrupt Richard Nixon. Yet today, members of the Democratic Party appear willing to violate any law, slander anyone, and break any and all ethical rules of our Republic to cover up any and all illegal actions of the Democratic National Committee and other members of the Democratic Party who may have seriously violated our laws and our Constitution.  Sadly, a  large portion of the U.S. media appears willing and able to abet criminal actions as long as their actions support the interests of the Democratic Party, Democratic candidates, and the Democratic National Committee.  Our great Republic can not stand if America does not have fair and accurate reporting of the news.  Our great Republic can not stand if the highest levels of Federal Law enforcement are willing to commit serious crimes in support of a political cause. Our great Republic is not being destroyed by outside forces, but by corrupt federal bureaucrats and by corrupt federal elected officials who promote their Machiavellian political interests above our laws and our Constitution. )


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