School Shootings – The Best And Final Answer

I was not in the least surprised when I learned of the Florida School Shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018.  I was deeply saddened that 17 individuals were murdered in this shooting. Then I began to wonder why I had not heard about more school violence since I had predicted that there would be more school violence since the tragic school shooting in West Paducah, Kentucky in 1997. ( Readers are strongly encouraged to read articles referenced at the end of this article that are on this website. )

After a short research of the Web, I found that the shootings in Broward County were the 18th. school shooting of the year of 2018- a year that not more than two months old ! That comes to 3 school shootings each week.

The following is how I as a law abiding citizen assess blame for this terrible incident.

I assign 50% of the blame to Nikolas Cruz, the shooter.  Cruz is responsible for his actions, but any and all members of his closely related family are also to blame for not helping their relative obtain mental health counselling that he desperately needed.

I assign the other 50% of the blame to a corrupt, incompetent, and totally mindless educational bureaucracy.  If the incompetent educational bureaucracy had a scintilla of common sense, the worthless individuals known as guidance counsellors would have easily seen Cruz’s severe mental illness and complied with their job descriptions and directed his family to a mental health facility.

The answer to almost all  of the school violence is SCHOOL CHOICE. Betsy DeVos is the U.S. Secretary of Education and she is 100% in support of school choice.  Also, President Trump is 100% in support of school choice.  School Choice simply allows parents to decide which school in their area their son or daughter will attend.

Under school choice, parents may opt to keep their child in a public school system which is characterized by: 1) fraud, 2) waste, 3) abuse, 4) mismanagement, 5) Nepotism, 6) racism, and 7) a generalized level of incompetency that borders on a psychotic level of management.  Or parents may opt to send their child to a privately managed school that is independent of the public school system.

At the end of this article please look for recommended articles from this website. The title of the article is listed. It is followed by a publication date.  The date is followed by a keyword that if typed into the search box at the top of the home page will take you directly to the article listed. Just click go after typing in the keyword.

R. Van Conoley

Editor’s Note: ( The following articles are recommended for their relationship to this article. )  1) Ohio School Shootings of February, 2012. Published on 2/29/2012. Key word is: T.J. Lane/suspected shooter.   2) ” Part 1 – Murder in America.” 1/14/2011. Keyword= Michael Carneal. 3) ” No Justice In the Juvenile System.” 10/7/2013. 4) ” Public School Administrators and School Boards.” 10/18/2010 –Please note that this article is known as a satire.  Individuals unfamiliar with Jonathan Swift may skip this excellent article. 5) ” A Slap On The Wrist.” 4/24/2013. Keyword= Diana Wasserman-Rubin.  6) ” Volusia Challenges Broward County.” 10/28/2012. Keyword= Public incompetence.  7) ” Sarasota School District…” 9/3/2013. 8) Columbine, Juvenile Crime…” 4/20/2011. Keyword=Dylan Klebold.

Editor’s Note 2: The lower income citizens, especially Black Americans,strongly favor school choice because they see that the public school system is failing.  President Trump has helped all Americans by reducing unemployment, especially Black Americans. Yet the media has avoided reporting President Trump’s popularity increases with Black Americans.  Will Trump gain more support from Black Americans if he helps institute school choice?

Editor’s Note 3- Since I strongly favor and believe in separation of religion from all forms of government, I used to oppose school choice for religiously based schools.  I have changed my mind after observing the increasing incompetency of public education. Today I support religious based schools as an acceptable choice for parents.




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