How Broward County Public School Corruption Created The Tragedy on 2/14/2018

I remain deeply saddened by the 17 murders at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Broward County. The essential fact in this horrible situation is that the shooter, Nikolas Cruz, was known as a severely disturbed individual by many students, most teachers at the school, all administrators at the school, by local law enforcement, and even the FBI had calls and warning signs.  Yet a totally corrupt and totally incompetent public school system did nothing to help this student and prevent this terrific tragedy and a corrupt local government contributed to this tragedy.

This website has written numerous articles on: 1) Public school shootings, and 2) The public corruption of the Broward County Public School System and the corruption of local government in Broward county.  The previous article posted on 2/15/2018, discussed some important facts about public school shootings in the U.S. The article was titled: ” School Shootings – The Best and Final Answer.”  The present article focuses on the public corruption of the Broward County Public School System and also focuses on the public corruption of Broward County Government.

Of the 67 Countywide school districts in Florida, Broward County Public Schools has the dubious reputation of being the most corrupt public school system in the state of Florida.  Two members of the Broward County School Board over recent years have been indicted, arrested, and convicted of criminal activity.  William Dandy was a school administrator in the Broward County system. A middle school was named for William Dandy in his honor. Sadly Mr. Dandy hit and killed an individual with his car and fled the accident scene.  This is a serious criminal offense, and a citizen gave law enforcement the car license number.  Dandy was arrested and the evidence clearly indicated his guilt. However, since Dandy was a member of the corrupt political establishment of Broward County, many politicians showed up to plead with the judge in hopes of a lenient sentence.  Dandy essentially got off, although he was not found not guilty. The school remains in Broward County as a memorial to a thoroughly corrupt public school administrator.

If you think this is bad, lets take a look at two past presidents of the Broward County Teacher’s Union.  In the recent past, a former head of the Broward Teacher’s Union was indicted, arrested, and jailed on charges of pedophilia.  The really sad thing was that it was essentially public knowledge that he was a pedophile and nothing was said for years.  But lets not stop there. A second Teacher’s Union President, named Pat Santeramo, was sentenced to prison involving a kickback scam.

But lets not stop there.  Miriam Oliphant was elected to the Broward County School Board and served two terms there without a criminal indictment.  Unfortunately, Oliphant was severely devoid of a great intellect.  However, while on the Board with a lot of other members, Ms. Oliphant’s lack of intellect remained unnoticed by many. Then she decided to seek election to the Office of Supervisor of Elections.  The major newspaper endorsed her and she was elected.  Unfortunately, Oliphant was so intellectually challenged as Supervisor that then Governor Jeb Bush had to suspend her as Supervisor and his decision was upheld by the Florida Senate.

On and on it goes ! Just one more example to demonstrate that the entirety of Broward County corruption.   Ken Jenne (b. 1947) is a former Democratic member of the Florida Senate.  Jenne had the political connections, so without any law enforcement training and having never served as a law enforcement officer, he decided to seek election to sheriff and easily won the election.  Jenne later resigned as sheriff after pleading guilty to federal tax evasion and mail fraud.  Jenne was released from federal custody on September 29, 2008.

I could go on and on about the massive public corruption in Broward County, but who would want to read 300 pages? You clearly get the idea.

How would I begin to dispense justice in this terrible incident other than bringing Nikolas Cruz before a court of law for capital murder?  Unfortunately, the corrupt county government of Broward County and the extremely corrupt Broward County School System can not be named as co-conspirators with Nikolas Cruz. Yet their guilt is evident. I believe that Broward County Public Schools Superintendent, Robert Runcie, should be terminated from his position and his educational certificate should be withdrawn for life. I believe that every top level superintendent and top level school administrator in Broward County should also be terminated and their educational certificates withdrawn for life.  Also, I believe that the principal and every other administrator at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School should be terminated and their educational certificates withdrawn for life since they had clear knowledge about the mental illness that existed in Nikolas Cruz and failed to take a reasonable and sane course of action to protect Cruz and all members of the public school.

Finally I hope that the honest taxpaying public has the sane and sensible desire to demand school CHOICE so parents can select the school in their region that their son or daughter will attend.  School CHOICE allows taxpayer money designated for public schools to be directed to alternative schools if the parents desire that choice. This is the reason that school CHOICE is so difficult.  The public schools in Broward County, and throughout the U.S., are characterized by fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement, Nepotism, racism, and a psychotic level of incompetence. Decades ago, most of the money for school personnel was paid to teachers and some other school workers.  Today, the public schools have MORE payroll money being paid to absolutely worthless school bureaucrats than to the overworked teachers.  This is a scam on the American Public and school reform is the only sane and sensible answer.

R. Van Conoley  ( The U.S. has numerous laws to regulate guns and firearms.  We do not need more, but we need to enforce the laws on the books. Also, I believe that every school should have two adult employees that have a concealed carry gun permit.  I believe that they should carry a concealed weapon every day school is in session.  That and that alone is the answer to preventing most of the gun related violence at schools in the future. )

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