On March 7, 2018, Attorney General Jeff Sessions stated that he was going to sue the state of California because some elected officials are violating federal law. WHAT A JOKE ! WHAT AN EMBARRASSMENT !

If AG Jeff Sessions had any balls and brains, he would convene a federal Grand Jury and indict California Governor Jerry Brown, the Lieutenant Governor of California, and Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf. Then send out FBI agents to arrest these three individuals, and many others that are equally guilty,  immediately after the Grand Jury has handed down indictments. Once these scumbags have been arrested, they should be kept in jail without bond since treason would be one of the many charges handed down by a grand jury.

I know that Sessions was a great and very early supporter of Donald Trump, but Sessions is a joke to law abiding Americans as Attorney General.  The Deputy Attorney General,  Rod Rosenstein, is totally unqualified to remain an employee of the Federal Government since he signed a FISA warrant along with other individuals who should have been indicted a long time ago.  Rosenstein should be fired and then Sessions should resign and then a real Attorney General can pursue the political crooks that are in California government and elsewhere in our Republic.

A hint to the Trump administration: While both houses of Congress are Republican controlled and there is a Republican President, now is the time to clean the cesspool of public corruption that exists in the U.S. due to a corrupt FBI and a corrupt Justice Department that were created by the corrupt President Barack Obama and his super corrupt group of criminals directed by the super corrupt Clinton Klan. DO IT NOW.

This is far bigger than Watergate.  However, republicans during Watergate did not try to protect the corrupt President Nixon. Yet the corrupt democrats have shown that they, along with a large and corrupt left wing media, will do anything to protect the corrupt democratic party and destroy our legally elected President Trump. The republicans need to take off the gloves and begin the real fight for American Justice !

R. Van Conoley     ( Editor’s Note: Do not look for my vote in 2018 and in 2020 if the Trump team can not bring the enemies of American Law before a court of law and obtain a conviction ! )

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