Crime and Punishment

As a law abiding American, I believe that criminal punishment should reflect the severity of the crime.  Treason is a serious crime and capital punishment is one form of redress.

It appears to me that: 1) Hillary Clinton, 2) James Comey, 3) Andrew McCabe, 4) Peter Strozk, 5) Rod Rosenstein, 6) Loretta Lynch, 7) Lisa Page, and 8) Robert Mueller have all committed treason against the U.S. Constitution and against the American People in the process of committing numerous other crimes and excessive abuses of power. This group of unethical, immoral, vile, and reprehensible individuals appear to have violated numerous U.S. Laws and committed serious acts of treason.

Additionally, I believe that both James Clapper and John O. Brennan were deeply involved with the eight individuals listed above and clearly aided and abetted in serious acts of criminal behavior and acts of treason.  Both Clapper and Brennan appear to have seriously abused their power to aid the above eight in acts of treason.

While I believe that all ten of the above individuals deserve a fair and just trial in which they may present facts to prove their innocence, I can not believe the massive amounts of data,  e-mails, and other supporting documents that clearly indicate the commission of serious crimes including treason.

The alleged criminal acts committed by the above individuals is not in any manner equivalent to President Bill Clinton receiving fellatio from a young intern in the Oval Office.  If a court of law adjudicates treason for any or for all ten individuals, justice can only be served if capital punishment is the redress for their criminal acts.

It is my view that Robert Mueller is the designated “hit man” and his mission is to protect the ongoing criminal enterprise that has existed in Washington, D.C. for decades under both Democratic and Republican administrations.  I believe that Mueller and his band of Trump haters will stalk Trump for years so that Trump can not carry out his campaign promise of destroying the criminal element that has embedded itself into the U.S. Government and effectively destroyed our Constitutional Republic.

I do not wish to see violence, but events are clearly moving toward a very violent confrontation.

R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s note: Congress is one of three branches of government and has vast powers to act as a check against the Judicial and Executive Branches of the Federal Government.  How is it possible that committee members of congress can demand documents from the Justice Department, the FBI, and the CIA and then not receive the documents? This indeed makes congress look weak, worthless, and corrupt.  Individuals held in contempt of Congress should be held in jail until legally requested documents are delivered.  Sadly, Washington corruption runs so deep, that some members of congress are also part of the Washington Criminal Cabal.)







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