CNN At An Historical Witchcraft Trial

Many law abiding U.S. Citizens have come to believe that the investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller is a witch hunt designed to destroy a legally elected president and represents neither justice nor the interests of U.S. Citizens.

A witch-hunt is a search for individuals labeled as witches or individuals who practice witchcraft.  Most witch hunts in Europe and North America took place from 1450 to about 1750.  Witches were tortured, burnt at the stake, or hanged. This barbaric practice existed in North America until around 1800.

However, there were no electronic devices nor electronic media to inform individuals in the 1700’s.  Therefore, I have asked the amazing Jonathan Swift to create a narrative that would have been followed if CNN were electronically covering a witchcraft trial in 1706.

Don: Well Anderson, it appears that the woman charged is indeed a witch.

Anderson: You are probably correct Don, but the trial has not yet begun.

Don: I can look at that woman and see that she is a witch with evil powers and can cast evil spells.

Anderson: It is true that she has four cats and everyone knows that witches always have cats.

Don: It has also been reported that she flies on a broom when the moon is full.

Anderson: I have some unnamed sources that state that the woman has supernatural powers.

Don: You are correct. I always know a witch when I see one.  My family came from the African region that is Cameroon today. ( Editor’s Note: Cameroon in 2018 still has laws against witchcraft and prosecutes witches for practicing witchcraft. )

R. Van Conoley ( I am deeply grateful for the assistance of Jonathan Swift and greatly appreciate his analysis. )

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