The Congressional Freak Show Involving Climate Change, Population Growth, and the Border Wall

The Congressional Freak Show will come to an end on November 6,2018.  Then, you must wait two years for the next Congressional Freak show.  In order to assist our readers, will address some issues discussed by the Democrat Crooks and the Republican Crooks.

The Democrat crooks are greatly concerned with climate change even though most Democrat candidates have little or no basic knowledge of this issue.  Lacking basic knowledge did not stop the Democrat crooks from offering “solutions” for climate change and global warming.  Their two main ideas are: 1) the Carbon tax, and 2) CO2 sequestration.  Both ideas are sophomoric and unworkable so I was not surprised that the Democrat Crooks thought of them.  Both of the unworkable ideas involve increasing taxation so I was not surprised that the Democrat party was receptive to them.

Rather than discussing the gross stupidity of these two taxing ideas, I believe that it might be better to state some scientific facts that are 100% accepted by all scientists.  About 75,000 years ago, life including human life was almost destroyed. It is estimated that only 5% of life forms survived when a huge eruption happened in Indonesia.  The eruption, known as Toba, was so massive that it became the most powerful volcanic event in the history of the earth. The force was so great that 670 cubic miles of rocks, dirt, lava, and ash were blown into the earth’s atmosphere.  Malaysia and an area now known as India and adjacent regions were covered with volcanic ash up to thirty-five feet deep.  The toxic smoke from this event spread all over our planet and destroyed almost all life forms. The explosion was followed by a volcanic winter which killed more life forms. Sadly an event like this could happen again tomorrow.  Understanding this event is basic to understanding climate change.

Scientists have found that 99.9% of all life forms on earth eventually became extinct. Scientists know for certain that five major extinction events have happened on earth where 90% or more of known life forms were destroyed.  So, how much money should U.S. citizens pay to save the snail darter, a small fish ?

President Trump recently started the idea of a ” Space Force. ” Knowingly or unknowingly, the space force idea may be of great help in saving life on earth.  Today scientists know that there are thousands of NEOs ( Near Earth Objects ) that cross the orbit of earth and threaten mankind.  Having a permanent station on the moon will help scientists gain valuable information about the universe and also allow scientists to possibly prevent an asteroid from striking earth and destroying our planet.

I believe that earth has already exceeded its carrying capacity and that the exponential growth in humans is the number one problem in the world today.  World population reduction without the use of war, starvation, and disease should be a goal for our world and our country.  Presently over two Billion humans exist on the equivalent of two dollars per day or less.

This brings the discussion to the border wall that helped elect President Trump in 2016. Lets look at some facts. There are rich countries and there are poor countries.  The way to assess the wealth of a country is by the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP ) per each person by computing an average.  The four poorest countries in the world are the Central African Republic with a GDP/Capita of $652. The second poorest is the Republic of the Congo with a GDP/Capita of $773.  Brundi is third with $$814 and Liberia is fourth with $855.  Contrast these numbers with: Switzerland with a GDP/Capita of $61,360. The United States with $59,500. The Netherlands with $$53,580, and Iceland with $52,150.

People all over the world living in poverty in poor countries would like to leave and cross a border into one of the wealthier countries.  The great divide is between the Democrat Party and the Republican Party on exactly this issue.  The Democrat Party is against a border wall between the U.S., a rich country, and Mexico a poorer country.  The Democrat Party has gone so far as to create sanctuary regions in the U.S. for both illegal immigrants and even illegal immigrants who have committed crimes.  The Republican party, especially those who support President Trump, believe that a wall will reduce illegal immigration and crime.

By using their power in congress, the Democrat party has prevented most construction needed to build a wall. The Democrat Crooks state that they are concerned with the welfare of the people who wish to cross our border.  Now I do not have room to list all of the millionaires who are members of congress. This includes both the Democrat crooks and the Republican crooks.  The hypocrisy of the Democrat Crooks is absolutely appalling.  Many multi-millionaire Democrat congressional members live in huge mansions with many rooms.  These mansions are often located  in developments that are surrounded by high cement walls that are guarded by armed security 24 hours a day and cars must have laser ID stickers to enter.  If these Democrats are so concerned about helping the poor who wish to live in America, why don’t they invite five or six impoverished immigrants to live in their mansions in their spare bedrooms?

The Democrat crooks and the Republican crooks will continue their battle until the Congressional Freak show ends on November 6,2018. While I can not state that the Republican Crooks are better or worse than the Democrat Crooks,  I support all republicans who stand with President Trump.  The U.S. needs a border wall and it is a testament to the incompetency of congress that a border wall was not constructed 35 years ago.

R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s Note: I have a great deal of respect for the American voter.  Many of the so called middle class voters are extremely well informed.  Both the super-rich Republicans and the super-rich Democrats have used illegal immigration for their own Nefarious purposes until Donald Trump was elected President.  Trump has given the working middle income citizens in the U.S. a voice and will make America great again. )

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