Agent Oliver “Buck” Revell Comments on Hillary Clinton

Oliver Revell spent thirty years with the FBI. He became deputy director of the FBI. The following is his comment on Hillary Clinton’s statement that she did not know that the letter “C” at the top of a document meant classified.  She stated that she thought that it was simply a way to organize documents.

” She ( Hillary Clinton ) didn’t know what the “C” on top of the documents meant? No one believed her.  She did not even believe it herself. That’s so nonsensical. It is just ridiculous. I think it reflected a total disregard of the system and the rules that have been established to protect the system.”

There are many good and honest and hard working individuals in the FBI who are outraged that a few corrupt and criminal FBI agents on the highest levels aided the criminal activities of Hillary Clinton and covered up her criminal behavior.  Soon there may be an accounting of the criminal actions of Andrew McCabe and James Comey and others who abused the power of the U.S. Government to promote their own Machiavellian agenda.

R. Van Conoley

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