Agent Danny Coulson Comments On Hillary Clinton

Danny Coulson served with distinction as deputy assistant director of the FBI during his three decades at the bureau.  He made the following comment about Hillary Clinton and James Comey.

” My view, and the view of agents in the field, was shock.  When Comey came to the end and said no reasonable prosecutor in the entire country would prosecute Clinton, that was a total lie.  I was flabbergasted.  The agents were, too.  It didn’t make any sense to any of us.  There was never an investigation of Hillary Clinton.  Comey controlled it from start to finish and came out with the results he wanted. ”

There are many good and honest and hard working individuals in the FBI who are outraged that a few corrupt and criminal FBI agents on the highest levels aided the criminal activities of Hillary Clinton and covered up her criminal behavior. Soon there may be an accounting of the criminal actions of Andrew McCabe and James Comey and others who abused the power of the U.S. Government to promote their own Machiavellian agenda.

R. Van Conoley( Editor’s Note :   American citizens need to keep in mind that the entire FBI was not corrupted.  When some men and women from the FBI and from the Justice Department finally go on trial, it is important to remember that honorable men like Danny Coulson and Oliver Revell had the moral courage to speak out even when the Fake News media refused to report their comments in an ethical manner. )

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