The Pedophile Pope

It has been less than 24 hours since I published an article titled: ” Ban The Criminal Enterprise Known As The Catholic Church. ”  Former Vatican Ambassador to the U.S., Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has released documents showing that the clergy had been aware of the accusations of pedophilia against the Archbishop in Washington, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.  Pope Francis did not take any measures against McCarrick.

Jorge Bergoglio was a nightclub bouncer in Buenos Aires before he was ordained a Catholic Priest in 1969.  It may have been better if the thug Bergoglio had remained in the Buenos Aires underworld rather than becoming Pope Francis in 2013.

Law abiding citizens of the U.S. should demand that the Catholic church be viewed for exactly what it is. The Catholic church is not a church but an ongoing criminal enterprise that promotes pedophilia and is disguised as a church. Decency, morality, integrity, common sense, and basic human compassion demand that Federal authorities in the U.S. indict the church using the RICO statutes.  It would be a very easy case to prove.  The property of this criminal institution should be seized by the U.S. government.

The right to religious freedom does not allow Catholic priests to sexually abuse and rape children.  Article after article about the rampant pedophilia in the Catholic church have been posted on this website. The Catholic church has been mainly concerned with making money when not helping Nazi War criminal escape Allied justice after World War II.

I obtained two graduate degrees from a Catholic University before I learned of the sordid, vile, and reprehensible actions of the Catholic church.  As a child, I was raised as a Christian and can today quote sections from memory from the Bible.  Had I known about the sordid reputation of the Catholic church, I would have never attended a Catholic university and earned two graduate degrees.

Knowing what I now know, I would consider it to be the height of immorality to remain silent. As a human, I am compelled to speak out against egregious immoral behaviors.  There are very few things that I can envision as more un-Christian than the sexual abuse of innocent children.  Civilized nations all over the world should ban the Catholic church from their country.  When will this horror end? When will it stop? It should have stopped decades ago in the U.S. and in the Civilized World.  The Catholic church is a cancer on mankind.

Men and women of good and decent moral character should leave the Catholic church as they have been doing for decades.  I strongly support the right to worship or not to worship,as citizens desire, in the U.S.  However, the Catholic church has forfeited its right to exist in the U.S. and spread its poison.  May God forgive you because I never will.

R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s Note: Type the word “Vatican” into the search box and click go. Numerous articles will appear for your study and reading enjoyment. )

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