Liberal Democrats, Negroes, and Donald Trump

Liberal/Socialist Democrats, which make up about 95% of the Democrat Party, view Negroes in two distinct ways. They view all Negroes as either a ” good Negro” or a ” bad Negro.”

O.J. Simpson,  Bill Cosby,  Marion Barry,  Barack Obama,  and Jesse Jackson are some examples of individuals that liberal Democrats view as good Negroes.

George Washington Carver,  Colonel Allen West,  Dr. Ben Carson,  Dr. Thomas Sowell,  Dr. Margaret Simms,  Walter Williams,  J.C. Watts,  and Justice Clarence Thomas are some examples of individuals that liberal Democrats view as bad Negroes.

Liberal Democrats believe that good Negroes need the generosity of White liberal Democrats in order to survive.  Therefore,  White liberal Democrats  must continually remind good Negroes and all Black Americans that their best interests are served only when liberal Democrats are in the majority.  White liberal Democrats must continually promise Black Americans that the election of liberal Democrats will result in more welfare, more food stamps, more government assistance, and more public housing.

Additionally, White liberal Democrats must continually remind Black Americans that the higher levels of unemployment and the higher levels of poverty in the Black community are the fault of Republicans and conservatives and individuals who believe in the Constitution.  White liberal Democrats must continually tell Black Americans that they are the victims of conservative Republican discrimination.  White liberal Democrats must affirm that Black citizens who became wealthy and financially well off are bad Negroes.  The White liberal Democrats do this by inhibiting FREE SPEECH.

Dr. Ben Carson became a world famous neurologist-MD because he worked very hard and overcame difficulties.  He did not become an MD because some liberal White Democrats gave it to him.  Therefore, liberal White Democrats must destroy any and all successful Black candidates who identify as Republicans or as conservatives.

When the name of Clarence Thomas was submitted to the U.S. Senate for confirmation to the Supreme Court, the Democrat Party did everything to slander him including making false accusations. The Democrats implied that Mr. Thomas was not competent and totally unqualified.  Mr. Thomas referred to his Senate hearing as an ” electronic lynching.”  Years ago Clarence Thomas was treated in the same vile, reprehensible, vulgar, and immoral way as President Donald Trump has been treated today.

Many students who attend colleges and universities in America today are never able to hear conservative speakers at their college or university because liberal thugs incite violence whenever a conservative or Republican wishes to speak at their institution.  The White liberal Democrats control the teachers union that controls the majority of public school teachers who are forced to promote a liberal socialist agenda.

I am a law abiding American Citizen and I grew up in the old South after World War II.  I clearly remember the racism directed against Black Americans, and I knew it was wrong.  Yet I saw a growing number of White Americans join with others to correct this problem and bring forth a more just society for all.

Recently, I learned of a nine year old White girl in a public school who became the victim of abuse and mistreatment from her Black classmates.  What did she do wrong? The Black students said that she was acting too White.  Who taught the Black students to abuse and mistreat a nine year old White girl?  The racist teachers promoted this pathological agenda on behalf of White liberal Democrats !

There is a man who can not be silenced.  President Trump carries his message to overflowing crowds in state after state after state.  I most respectfully suggest that President Trump carry his message to areas where low income citizens live and work.  Donald Trump has done more to help Black and Hispanic Americans with his economic miracles than any President ever did before him.

There is a political fight to determine who will control the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate after the November 6, 2018, election.  If President Trump carries his message to cities like Chicago where a person is shot every 2 minutes and 27 seconds and a person is murdered every 12 minutes and 59 seconds, he will gain respect and votes from all citizens and retain control of congress. It might be a good idea to remind all citizens that the Democrat Party has been in control of Chicago for over 50 years.

Mr. President, do not ask Black citizens what they have to lose by voting for you.  Tell them how much they have gained since you became President and tell them that you are continuing to work for the working middle class citizens. You have started an amazing political movement and you would win 66 of the 67 counties in Florida if you were to run again in 2020. Forget the fake media and forget one loud mouthed Black racist who screams invective against you.  Just do it !

R. Van Conoley   ( I respectfully suggest to President Trump that he invite Dr. Carson, Colonel West, and Newt Gingrich to accompany you to your rallies.  The public needs to know that you have good and decent people working for you.  Also, Vice President Pence should accompany you if security will allow it. Just do it ! )




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