A+ For FOX News

On Sunday night I watched the program titled: ” Town Hall America. ”  Harris Faulkner was the host of the show and Ms. Faulkner was indeed fair and totally balanced in every way.  The program was about the very close U.S. Senate race in Arizona in November, 2018.

There was a panel of citizens from Arizona who gave their political opinions.  The group of citizens was selected in a fair and balanced way and it did not consist of just republicans or just democrats or just men or just women or just older or younger citizens.  The group was representational of the citizens of Arizona and the U.S. Also, Ms. Faulkner allowed everyone to speak without shouting or rude interruptions.

I hope FOX news will allow Ms. Faulkner to conduct more programs like this.  This is exactly what honest journalism needs so badly.

Also, several nights ago, I watched Laura Ingraham host a show to titled: ” Bullets and blame, another weekend in Chicago. ”  The format was similar to the TOWN HALL AMERICA program.  Citizens from the Chicago area were on the panel and each was allowed to speak.  This program was also what I believe the American People want and need in order to restore fair, just, and responsible journalism.

R. Van Conoley  ( Hopefully other news outlets will develop a balanced program schedule to inform American Citizens about the 2018 races that will be decided in November, 2018.)



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