Senator Feinstein Finds A New Witness !

TO: Senator Dianne Feinstein; Senate Judiciary Committee; U.S. Senate; Washington, D.C.

From: Nancy “Boobs” McCall;  ( Address Redacted ).

Dear Senator Feinstein:

My name is Nancy ” Boobs ” McCall. I was born on April 4, 1935, and remain an attractive and active 83 year old woman today. I worked as a prostitute in Nevada from 1955 until 1972.  (age 21 to age 37 ).

In 1974, at age 39, I moved East and took a job at Mater Dia School for Boys.  I worked as a substitute teacher and a substitute school nurse.  I was 39 at the time.

On February 12, 1975, I was a substitute teacher at Mater Dia for the day.  In the process of checking student’s work, I would call each student to my desk and observe their work to make certain that they were completing their assignment.  When I called Brett Kavanaugh to my desk, Brett placed his work on my desk with his right hand and fondled my left breast with his left hand.  I remember the exact date because Brett said that he wanted a “new experience” for his tenth birthday.

Later that same day, I overheard Brett talking with another male student.  Brett told his friend to sneak out of his house and meet him at their usual location so they could peek through some semi-open blinds and watch a sixteen year old girl undress.

I believe that my testimony needs to be heard before your committee so America can really learn what kind of man Brett Kavanaugh really is.  Hopefully my testimony will give a modicum of credence to the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford that seems totally unbelievable.

Please feel free to give a copy of my letter to the FBI so my credibility will be enhanced.

Sincerely, Nancy ” Boobs ” McCall

P.S. I thought that the man who attended your committee hearing dressed as a condom  helped people focus on the seriousness of your hearings. It was indeed a Spartacus moment.

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