The Cost Of A Free Antivirus Program

The cost of free? The cost of free is not zero as you might expect.  I have been using a “free” antivirus program for several years and it has been working well. Until recently !

I trade and invest a small sum of money with a securities corporation.  Of course my brokerage is not free. Every time I buy or sell a security, I must pay a fixed amount.  That is the cost of doing business with this corporation.  However, their fees are upfront, fair, reasonable, and represent a fair cost of doing business. No problems !

I, like any sane individual, have  an antivirus from a corporation.  The antivirus (AV) is free. Recently the AV corporation, after several years, started finding hidden virus threats when I was on a super secure securities website and that kept me from going from one screen to another screen. The AV corporation suggested that I “scan” for the hidden virus. I did. Then the corporation suggested that I purchase an updated AV program and my choices were for one year or for two years. I clicked ” no thanks.” My problem was unresolved.

It turns out that the AV company said I could have a free trial.  So before I clicked the ” I agree” button, I read the fine print. The fine print said that if I took a free trial, then I was obligated to pay for one year of the AV program. I said no for several reasons. 1) I do not like to be deceived like that. 2) I do not like to give my credit card number over the computer. 3) I like to do business with a corporation, any corporation, that has a real phone number so I can call with questions. 4) Had the corporation been honest enough to simply state that they were tired of giving me a free AV program and the fee for  services was $30/year or $40/year, or even $50/year in the future, then the check would have been in the mail tomorrow as long as they had a valid phone connection in the U.S.

So tomorrow, I must go to a local computer store about 20 miles from my house and have someone that I trust place a new AV program on my computer.  There are probably billions of dollars of money that corporations could garner if they only had a valid phone number so cautious people like me could contact them directly and get straight talk with out the lying and the BS associated with some corporations.

A wise saying, or aphorism, from the past states: ” Most lies revolve around women and funerals.” That was so very true in the past. Today my aphorism states: ” Most lies revolve around computers, women, and funerals in that order. ”

R. Van Conoley


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