Bombers and Shooters Are Political Terrorists

Just as Bernie Sanders can not be blamed for the terrorist actions of James Hodgkinson, Donald Trump can not be blamed for the attempted bombings of Cesar Sayoc.

The press is not fair and balanced.  There have been many statements made by individuals against the life of President Trump and the “fake and false news media” has treated many as if they were funny jokes.  The very sick image of some woman who was some type of entertainer who held up a replica of the severed head of Donald Trump was treated as a joke and replayed again and again by the fake news media.

The American People are smart enough to understand that the fake news media has misused their Constitutional rights of free speech to propagandize against the Republican party and to propagandize for the Democrat party.  The November 6, 2018, election is more about the fairness of the American press than it is about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

I have faith in the American People, but very sadly I have lost my faith in a large majority of the U.S. news media.  I have lost my faith in the ability of the FBI and the U.S. Justice Departments to treat all Americans with equality and justice.

The extremely dirty tactics employed by the Democrat candidates for the U.S. Senate from Arizona and New Jersey against their Republican opponents will not be forgotten by the citizens of these states on November 6, 2018.  I have faith that the majority of Americans will send a message that is very clear on November 6, 2018.  Unfortunately, the Democrat party should have received a clear message from the American People on November, 2016. Unfortunately the Democrat party, in conjunction with a section of the false U.S. media, is attempting to rewrite history rather than learning a valuable lesson from the past election.

R. Van Conoley

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