Joseph McCarthy and Robert Mueller

If anyone asks my age, I reply that I am 39.  For this article, I will admit that I have been on this earth for more than six decades.  While age does not always bring wisdom, I believe that I have learned a great deal in my lifetime.

Free People can not accept tyranny and abuse of power.  Any government that abuses its’ power and acts as a tyranny will enslave their people. The U.S. has resisted abuse of power by individuals in the past and has guaranteed our liberty by doing so.

Joseph McCarthy ( 1908-1957 ) was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1946, and served in the Senate from 1947 until his death in 1957.  The word ” McCarthyism ” was coined in 1950 to describe how Senator McCarthy was misusing his power as a U.S. Senator.  With the end of World War II, Japan, Germany, and Italy and the horror of Nazism were no longer a threat to the U.S. However, the guns of World War II had barely cooled when the U.S. targeted a new enemy known as Communism.  Suddenly our Russian ally in World War II became a new enemy for the U.S. to fear and fight if necessary.

McCarthy sincerely feared world Communism and believed that some Americans supported this doctrine. McCarthy often asked this question of individuals subpoenaed before a congressional committee: ” Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party? ”  McCarthy’s anti-Communist activities were referred to as ” witch hunts.” Senator Margaret Chase Smith, without mentioning Senator McCarthy by name, delivered a ” Declaration of Conscience ” in 1950 which was designed to keep individuals in positions of power from using smear tactics to promote their views. Finally Senator McCarthy was censured by the U.S. Senate.

I was only a child when McCarthy was in the Senate.  However, I have read, studied, and have listened to McCarthy’s speeches and public statements.  McCarthy, in my view, abused his power and did material harm to individuals even though he thought he was protecting the U.S.

Today, Robert Mueller is the Special Counsel tasked with investigating and determining if the Russian Government interfered with the 2016 election.  Mueller was appointed by Rod Rosenstein who was deputy Attorney General.  It has become extremely apparent that Mueller and his seventeen associates have greatly abused their power and are targeting Donald Trump.  The Mueller team has, in my view, greatly abused their power and have targeted and harassed a number of individuals mainly because they were associated with Donald Trump in some way.  I believe that the Mueller Witch Hunt has become the greatest misuse of Federal Governmental power in my lifetime.  It is far more vile and reprehensible than the McCarthy Witch Hunts.  Armed with Hillary Clinton supporters and Donald Trump haters the Mueller investigation has become very political and extremely unjust.  In a Constitutional Republic like the U.S., the Mueller witch hunt has become a serious threat to our country.

Many Americans remain silent about the Mueller witch hunt out of fear that the Federal Government will attack them in some manner.  Additionally, there are some prominent U.S. Citizens that dislike President Trump so much that they actively encourage the immoral actions of the Mueller investigations.  Courage comes in many forms and all law abiding Americans, regardless of party affiliation, must take a strong stand against government abuse of Americans for political purposes.

Finally, there is a need for a fair and unbiased special counsel to justly and fairly investigate the activities of both political parties in the 2016 election.  The U.S. has always avoided “secret trials. ” In recent years, our government has created a secret court known as the FISA Court. There are numerous allegations that one political party misused their power and brought false documents to the FISA Court to obtain warrants to tap phones and to spy on Americans for political purposes.  If these allegations are true, Americans are now living in a police state where our citizens have lost their freedom and their liberty.

R. Van Conoley

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