Duke Energy Never Learns

You can find a copy of a letter that I wrote and mailed to the CEO of Duke Energy posted on this website by typing the words DUKE ENERGY into the search space on the top right of the home page of this website.  The article is titled: ” A Cordial Letter To Duke Energy Corporation.”  Click go after typing in the key words and the article will appear.

And indeed it was a very cordial letter which pointed out to Duke Energy that tree branches, tree limbs, vines, and other vegetation had grown over my fence from their property.  As a mild mannered and gentle hearted individual, I pointed out to Ms. Lynn Good, CEO that this situation should be completely resolved by July 26, 2017.  This was more than fair, from my view, since I wrote the letter one month earlier on June 26, 2017.  Additionally, I added: ” In a few instances when a cordial approach was rejected, I have never hesitated to employ a forceful legal approach.”

I was greeted ever so kindly and Ms. Good “kicked” my letter down the bureaucracy of Duke Energy until it finally ended up with a person called an ” herbal specialist.” But along the way, I politely pointed out to Duke that their deadline was July 26, 2017.  On July 27, 2017, I called Duke Energy again and stated that their time was up and they had not kept their promise to resolve this minor matter.  Sorry Duke Energy said, we are going to have to put this off due to other problems. ” You are sure this is what you want to do? ” I said. “Yes” Duke replied.

So I picked up my phone and contacted the Florida Public Service Commission. For those of you who do not know, the PSC is a public commission that regulates all monopolistic utilities in the State Of Florida.  I asked and received a copy of all of Duke Energy’s proposals that were scheduled for a vote before the PSC. Then I called back Duke Energy and politely told them that since they were too busy to cut some vines and tree limbs from their property that were growing into my yard, I must assume that these eleven projects that were pending before the PSC should be denied. I even told them that I planned to send each PSC Commissioner a certified letter stating my reasons for requesting a denial of each of their projects.

Within 48 hours, Duke Energy was working behind my house to clear sections of their forest as I requested.

Now today, in 2018, I have been informed that Duke Energy wishes to construct a Solar Farm in the natural forest behind my house. After I attended a meeting with Duke Energy at the DeBary City Hall, I requested that Jeff Hart, the representative that I worked with contact me by phone about all future meetings regarding the Solar Farm.  Of course he did not do this. At a December 5, 2018, meeting in DeBary City Hall, I spoke with Mr. Justin LaRoche.  LaRoche seems to have a Pecksniffian, arrogant, and supercilious attitude and wanted to apologize to me. I do not want an apology, but if I meet with LaRoche, I would like an explanation of why the bureaucracy of Duke Energy simply could not contact me as I requested since they have my phone number. If Duke Energy is not competent to make a simple phone call and leave a voice mail, why would I trust them to build a solar farm behind my house?

I think that I shall buy some more common stock in Duke Energy because I believe that I understand their problem.  It appears to me that they have too many Pecksniffian, arrogant, and supercilious bureaucrats who are overpaid and underworked who assume that they are not responsible to the public.

Also, any residents in DeBary who wish to contact Ms. Lynn Good in Charlotte, NC, can reach her at 704-594-6200.  Her address is at the top of my article in case you would like to place your concerns in writing.  Justin LaRoche has a cell listed as 704-564-6747. Give both a call and let me know if you are treated with anything other than the greatest respect.

R. Van Conoley   ( In my view, Duke Energy has done a very poor job of maintaining their forest. There are a number of dead trees that should have been removed.  Also, Duke has both a moral and legal obligation to remove some underbrush to prevent fires in the dry season.  I also pointed this out to the Fire Chief of our joint Orange City-DeBary fire department.  The Chief was kind enough to investigate the situation. Having served on the DeBary City Council, I always tried to contact, on my time, individuals in DeBary whenever a project was before the Council that would effect them.  Apparently not one individual on the DeBary Council took the time to contact any of the residents whose land has a common border with the forest. Being a responsible Council Member requires more than showing up at Council meetings. )

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