President Trump – Please Save The Kurds

I admire you President Trump.  I believe that you have made very wise decisions in behalf of the American People.  Also, I believe that you are 100% correct to remove U.S. Forces from the Middle East.

However, you may be about to make a terrible mistake if you allow the Turkish military to exterminate the Kurdish People.  Most respectfully, Mr. President, I offer you a historical analysis that I hope you consider.  When you were only five years old in 1951, the Iranian People elected Dr. Muhammed Mossadeq as their democratically elected President.  The British, through MI-5, and the U.S., through the CIA, conspired to overthrow Dr. Mossadeq and replace him with the Western puppet, Mohammad Riza Pahlavi.  Mohammad Riza Pahlavi became the Shaw of Iran and used a group called the SAVAK to keep himself in power.

MI-5 and the CIA recruited the Kurds to help overthrow the democratically elected President, Dr. Mossadeq.  In exchange for their assistance, the U.S. promised the Kurds that they could have a small section of land for their own in the sections of land that border Northern Iraq and Iran.  This would have been both fair and just, but the government of the U.S. forgot the Kurds once Iranian oil was safe for the U.S. and Britain.

Just as Jews were persecuted in Nazi Germany, the Kurds have been used and persecuted in the Middle East since the 195o’s  and the U.S. is mainly to blame by our inaction.  If you permit the partial destruction of the present Kurdish population, you will help create a group of people much like the present Palestinian People.  Therefore, I most respectfully encourage you to allow Kurdish Citizens to emigrate to the U.S. I am indeed in favor of a border wall on the Southern border of the U.S. and I am opposed to all forms of illegal immigration into the U.S.  However, the U.S. owes a group of People who supported our cause some special consideration.  When the U.S. left Vietnam, the mountain people of the Central Highlands, called Montagnards, were allowed to settle in the U.S. because they were our allies and would have been exterminated otherwise.

I respectfully contend that the Kurds today should have the same opportunity to avoid extermination as did the Montagnards in 1974.

R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s Note: I am not Kurdish. I am an American who believes that the U.S. Government should be fair and just to our former allies. )

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