Tucker Carlson and His Book: SHIP OF FOOLS

Tucker Carlson is a political commentator and columnist.  He is the host of The Tucker Carlson Show on FOX.

I purchased his book titled: SHIP OF FOOLS.  It was outstanding.  Rather than attempt to outline the book or attempt a summarization, I would like to compare it to my past life experience.

I majored in mathematics and psychology to earn my B.A. Degree, some decades ago.  I selected psychology because I wanted to learn more about myself and the world around me and why people behave as they do.  In the middle of my Senior year, I was browsing in a bookstore and purchased a copy of Eric Hoffer’s book titled: THE TRUE BELIEVER.  Fortunately for me, I discovered this book when I was close to completing my university degree.  Hoffer’s book taught me so much about human behavior and social change that it effectively answered many of the questions that I was searching for in the field of psychology.  I found myself asking how one individual could be so perceptive and so insightful into human behavior and social change.  I often reread this outstanding book and I have worn out two other paperback copies of this book.

Tucker Carlson’s book had a similar effect on me.  His book is extremely insightful and perceptive.  Carlson in my view is a combination of a sociologist and political analyst.  I strongly suggest that my readers would enjoy this book. Also, I would suggest that parents who have sons and daughters 16 to 25 years of age purchase a second copy of this book for them.  Mr. Carlson has many keen insights into the issues that exist in the U.S. today. It is brilliant in every way and extremely readable. Also, I am a great fan of the Tucker Carlson Show on FOX.

R. Van Conoley  ( Editor’s Note: A bookstore near my house had extended hours the week before Christmas.  The store had gift wrappers in the store who told me that this book was most often selected for gift wrapping. )

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